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By Bethany Brown
If the weather this year is going to be anything like last year then one thing is for certain- we need to prepare for snow. Let's face it, when it comes to snow, England isn't great.
By Sandeep Basra
The German Federal Patent Court found the German part of the Eli Lilly patent, EP 1 313 508 B in the first instance to be void. An appeal against this decision has now been filed at the German Federal Court of Justice.
By Joseph Lenthall
The Advocate General of the CJEU has recently provided their opinion in C-443/17 relating to the grant of SPCs for new and inventive formulations.
By Catherine Williamson, Magnus Johnston, Isobel Finnie, David Brown, David Rushton
We are pleased to announce a new blog series which will be written by our very own Chemistry and Life Sciences (CLS) Team.
By Luke Jones, Eamon Robinson
Tis the season to get into the Christmas spirit, and what better way to do this than to look at Christmas themed patents.
By David Brown
At this festive time of year, thoughts naturally turn to the holidays and the use of, shall we say, "ethanolic" assistance in the partying.
By Daniel Chew, Michael Conway
On the 24th of November Daniel Chew and Michael Conway embarked on an extensive 2-week ‘roadshow' tour of Asia taking in 7 cities across China, Taiwan and South Korea.
By David Brown
It is reported that, at a hearing on Wednesday 5 December 2018, the EPO Technical Board of Appeal 3.3.04 in the case T1063/18 (Syngenta's Pepper Plant Application No. EP-A-2753168) decided that ...
By Bethany Brown
It's getting closer to Christmas and as the festive period approaches the drop in temperature and change in atmosphere mean it's definitely time to change to that winter wardrobe.
By Joanne Addison
Before a European patent application is granted, the EPO sends a notice of allowance to the applicant along with a copy of the text intended for grant which the applicant either approves for grant or requests correction/amendment.
By Bethany Brown
World Toilet Day is a day dedicated to encouraging people to take action to ensure that everyone in the world has a safe toilet by 2030.
By Joseph Lenthall
On 14 November 2018 the Supreme Court handed down its decision that Warner-Lambert's EP(UK) patent relating to the second medical use of pregabalin for the treatment of pain is invalid.
By David Brown, (Ellie) Li Min
By David Brown, (Ellie) Li Min
The conference drew an audience of more than 90 intellectual property practitioners.
By Rachel McGlue
The 8th of November 2018 marks the anniversary of the discovery, by Wilhelm Conrad Rӧntgen, of the X-Ray in 1895.