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By David Brown, (Ellie) Li Min
By David Brown, (Ellie) Li Min
The conference drew an audience of more than 90 intellectual property practitioners.
By Rachel McGlue
The 8th of November 2018 marks the anniversary of the discovery, by Wilhelm Conrad Rӧntgen, of the X-Ray in 1895.
By Bethany Brown
To celebrate the spookiest day of the year we take a look at some Halloween-themed patents and designs.
By Frances Wilding, James Ward
Since 2012, the EPO has each year updated the Guidelines to follow changes to the European Patent Convention and its rules and also to follow developments in case law and evolution in EPO policies and practices.
By James Ward, David Lewin, David Brown, Magnus Johnston
In mid-2016 the EPO introduced "Early Certainty from Opposition", announcing that streamlined internal workflows would apply to first-instance opposition proceedings as from 1 July 2016
By Eamon Robinson
The amendments to the Guidelines update and clarify the guidance on replacement and removal of features from a claim, with updated case law references.
By Susan Gregory
Today marks the World Health Organisation's Mental Health Day, providing an important platform to raise awareness of mental health and to help to remove the stigma associated with it.
By Joanna Rowley
A summons to oral proceedings before the Examining Division is usually only issued after at least one examination report – if not several – has been issued.
By Caroline Day
The updated Guidelines provide an extended section in relation to mathematical methods and, for the first time, a section dedicated to AI and machine learning.
By Matthew Howell
The update of the EPO's Guidelines for Examination introduces dedicated sections covering the patentability of methods for performing mental acts, methods for playing games and methods for doing business.
By Natasha Fairbairn
The amended Guidelines provide further clarification of what kinds of subject matter can be regarded as "technical" in the area of computer programs.
By Joseph Lenthall
The EPO's problem-solution approach for assessing inventive step of a patent includes determining the "closest prior art" as the first of a three stage approach.
By Caroline Day, Joseph Lenthall, Matthew Howell, Natasha Fairbairn
The Guidelines for Examination at the EPO have been significantly revised with the updated version due to come into force on 1st November 2018.
By Caroline Day
Folks, I wanted to pass on some good news, just in case you hadn't heard: it's officially OK use ‘they' in the singular!