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By Jenna Fyfe CTA
The draft Finance Bill for 2019 has now been published and is open for technical consultation until 31 August 2018.
By Harriet Martin
To date there has been little authority for the interpretation of family trusts.
By Ben Luxton
Residential landlords have been subject to a torrent of recent legislation, policies and guidelines.
By Charlotte Coombs
The trust included land which could potentially be developed. Four of the children died, some intestate and the claimants were their offspring.
By Charlotte Coombs
Any residential property purchased by the trustees will be treated as if the beneficiary had purchased it for SDLT purposes.
By Andrew Baines
The case concerned an occupational licence.
By Andrew Baines
Caveat emptor (buyer beware) should be a familiar principle to all those involved in property transactions. Consequently, a buyer of property usually goes to some effort with his due diligence to discover everything...
By Erica Williams
Those purchasing more expensive properties will in many cases pay substantially more than their English counterparts.
By Miles Farren
Section 94 of the 1986 Act defines the proper address as being the last known address of the person in question.
By Peter Williams
It may seem odd to start an article concerning farm business tenancies and dispute resolution with a reference to the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986.
By Adam Corbin, Nicholas Okonoboh
These two statutes are silent on repairs leaving the matter for negotiation between the parties.
By Sarah Phillips
Judicial review proceedings to challenge a local planning authority's decision are required to be brought without delay and within 6 weeks of the decision.
By Charlotte Razay
In our last edition we reported on the latest estoppel case, Habberfield v Habberfield [2018]] where a daughter inherited her parent's farm. In the space of only 3 months two more farming estoppels cases have hit the press: Thompson v Thompson [2018] and Gee v Gee [2018].
By Erica Williams
As of 1st October 2018, new statutory provisions (Section 41 (3) of the Deregulation Act 2015 ("DA 2015")) come into force, which substantially limit the freedom of landlords of many residential tenancies, ...
By Adam Corbin
When buying a property Sellers are usually required to give replies to written enquiries about the property. The standard response often given is "the Buyers should rely on their own inspection/survey".