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By Maja Petrovic, Maximilian Nutz
Electronic sports (esports) are booming, despite the fact that videogames have existed now for more than 30 years.
By Zoran Šoljaga, Jelena Obradović
Serbian entities, including private entities as potential aid beneficiaries and their competitors, have so far not focused on compliance with the state aid rules.
By Serap Aydin, Wolfgang Tichy
In the future it will be necessary to take several matters into account when determining the warranty period.
By Michael Woller, Marie Hornyik, Márk Kovács
The Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) recently dealt with "appropriate compensation" due in cases where a preliminary injunction based on IP rights was lifted or not rectified in subsequent main proceedings.
By Galina Petkova
CEZ Bulgaria is not for sale.
By Cristina Tudoraș
Under the Companies Law, directors are prohibited from disclosing confidential information and trade secrets to which they have access in their capacity as a director.
By Urša Kranjc, Marko Kapetanović, Eva Škufca
The terminal will cost EUR 233.6m to build, with the Croatia State budget contributing EUR 100m.
By Philipp Wetter, Wolfgang Höller
Shareholders of Austrian limited liability companies usually want to have influence over whom they are associated with.
By Wolfgang Tichy, Serap Aydin
Both Directives regulate the remedies similarly.
By Eva Purgerová
In practice, questions often arise about what happens when they breach this duty of care and whether their liability can be limited.
By Paweł Kułak
The case started with the OCCP's decision regarding an anti-competitive agreement concluded on the wholesale watches market.
By Günther Leissler, Christoph Haid
Competition authorities are typically lambasted for their ever-increasing fines for breaches of competition law.
By Serap Aydin, Wolfgang Tichy
The Digital Content Directive lays down subjective and objective requirements for "conformity" of the digital content or digital service.
By Serap Aydin, Wolfgang Tichy
As known from the current legislation in Austria, the seller is also liable for incorrect installation of the goods.
By Nina Zafoschnig
Such activities typically require a trade licence.
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