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By Inventa International
Kindly note that all charges will remain unaltered until further notice.
By Inventa International
Once the new fees are introduced, our schedule of fees will be amended to reflect this change.
By Inventa International
The Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office (EIPO) has changed the procedure regarding patent search and examination fee, based on Article 28 (2) of the Inventions, Minor Inventions & Industrial Design Regulation Number 12/1997.
By InÍs Monteiro Alves
Traditional Knowledge (TK) is, in accordance to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), "a living body of knowledge passed on from generation to generation within a community".
By Diana Pereira
A protocol on Patent matters has recently been celebrated between the National Institute of Industrial Property of Portugal and the Institute of Quality and Intellectual Property Management of Cape Verde, ...
By InÍs D. Tavares
The new Portuguese Industrial Property Code was published on December 10th last year.
By Vitor Moreira, Jo„o Pereira Cabral
This is one of the reasons why the rules that determine the patentable subject matter in national or regional laws differ.
By Inventa International
SENAPI Ė Sao Tome and Principe Intellectual Property Office has announced an update of the official fees for the Intellectual Property (IP) procedures in the country.
By Inventa International
Ana Paula Spencer has been nominated for the presidency of Cape Verde's IGQPI - Quality Management and Intellectual Property Office, replacing the former president, engineer Abra„o Lopes.
By Miguel Bibe
The case dates back to 2014 when, the famous German producer of sports goods, in order to extend the protection scope of its well know and already registered trademark with the sign of the three inclined strips, ...
By Inventa International
The Portuguese Industrial Property Office has announced an update to the official fees concerning all Intellectual Property procedures.
By Vitor Moreira
The evolution of sports can be told by means of the patent literature. While athletes, sportsmen and teams seek to break records, achieve victories or just have fun, patents, in parallel, showcase new technologies ...
By Inventa International
Within the new framework trademark registrations are valid for a 10-year period, counting from the filing date.
By Inventa International
The internet service in Sudan has been totally suspended as of today, June 10, 2019. This interruption is related to the civil disobedience and protests that are taking place all over the country.
By Joel D. Rodrigues
Mozambique's Intellectual Property Code dated December 31, 2015, established that the filing of a Declaration of Intention of Use (DIU) is mandatory regarding trademark registrations in Mozambique.