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By Pieris Markou, George Pantelides, Panos Papadopoulos
This guide aims to introduce Cyprus to potential investors and expatriates wishing to migrate to Cyprus to combine business and pleasure.
By Pieris Markou
Cyprus is now attracting significant inflows of foreign investments from countries like the US, Asia, Russia and the Middle East.
By Panikos Teklos
While the genesis of the Cyprus Funds Industry originates back in 1997 with the introduction of the International Collective Investment Schemes, the industry experienced its real growth over the last 5 years ...
By George Pantelides, Pieris Markou
Cyprus offers many key benefits to foreign investors and their dependent family members who are looking for a jurisdiction that offers financial stability, a gateway to Europe and a quality standard of living for their families.
By Charis Photiou
Even after the GDPR has become enforceable by data protection authorities on corporations established in (and out of) the EEA, there are still practical implementation challenges that organisations must tackle ...
By Nicos Kyriakides, Monica Ioannidou Polemitis
Companies want to further integrate digital capabilities into their production line.
By Agis Agathocleous, Alecos Papalexandrou
Cyprus IP regime is fully compliant with international developments in the tax treatment of IP income and OECD's guidance.
By Pieris Markou
Deloitte's annual Cyprus Tax Facts, is part of our firm's continuous endeavour to provide complete, valid and updated information to taxpayers.
By Clea Evagorou
In March 2019, the UK is expected to become a third country for the purposes of the EU's legal framework and, in the event of the departure of the UK from the EU without a ratified withdrawal agreement, ...
By Deloitte Cyprus
Το Τμήμα Φορολογίας πρόσφατα δημοσίευσε Ενημερωτικό Έντυπο που δίνει οδηγίες για τη φορολογικ&#
By Deloitte Cyprus
The Tax Department has recently published an Informative Guide, in the Greek language, which explains the tax treatment of certain benefits offered by employers to employees and persons who hold or are deemed to hold an office.
By Pieris Markou
Our 5 minute tax update webcasts are broadcasted monthly and provide a brief summary of local and international tax events impacting Cyprus.
By Deloitte Cyprus
Welcome to our 5 minute tax update broadcasted monthly.
By Pieris Markou, George Pantelides, Panos Papadopoulos
Deloitte can offer practical solutions to entrepreneurs considering of moving to Cyprus.
By Agis Agathocleous, Alecos Papalexandrou
Cyprus is the ideal location for a company to kick-start its business. The island enjoys a large pool of well-educated and highly skilled human talent.
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