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By Michalis Economides
Consequently, investors seek a return on their capital, either on a long-term basis or as traders on a short-term basis.
By Michalis Economides
The liberalization of markets, the economic penetration in other jurisdictions, the transnational agreements that allow freedom of movement between the member states, the immediate transfer of capital ...
By Michalis Economides
Intense economic, social and political fluctuations, technological changes and complex legal conditions are the main characteristics of our era.
By Michalis Economides
Asset management is essential if a company is to maximize the return on investment (ROI) to its shareholders and stakeholders. Despite its importance, however, many numerous companies
By Michalis Economides
The last decade formed a new reality in the Intellectual Property sector, which made its registration essential to any business.
By Michalis Economides
Because for investors, additional citizenships are considered to be valuable assets for them and their families due to the fact that citizenships offer them the opportunity of enhancing their quality
By Michalis Economides
Business nowadays operates in an interconnected world, without any boundaries or limitations to protect brands and companies from the merciless competition.
By Michalis Economides
International's market terms and conditions are hard and are not easily comprehend. Therefore, the most important and wise action that an entrepreneur should do, is to cooperate with a law firm
By Michalis Economides
Following four years of debate, the (EU) 2016/679 regulation of the European Parliament and Council of the 27th of April 2016, is enforced.