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By Ann Fenech
Judicial sales are realities which occur when ship owners fail to pay their creditors. Unpaid creditors can range from shipbuilders and financiers, to ship repairers, suppliers of provisions
By Paul Gonzi
Labour and Employment Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Malta, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
By Adrian Attard
Located in the heart of the Mediterranean and on the rhumb line between Gibraltar and the Suez Canal, Malta has long been regarded as a hot spot for ship arrests.
By Ann Fenech
On the application of Virtu Holdings Ltd ( Virtu), the Public Contracts Review Board (PCRB) last week annulled the decision of Gozo Channel Ltd (Gozo Channel) which had selected the
By Thomas Bugeja
The recognition and enforcement of private judgments in civil and commercial matters remains to this day, a patchwork of international conventions, local laws and rules which hinder and obstruct the efficient enforcement...
By Thomas Bugeja, Ryan Dalli
Following the landmark constitutional judgements in the case of Federation of Estate Agents vs the Director General et, whereby the Constitutional Court
By Paul Gonzi
The latest article by Partner Paul Gonzi discusses the obligation for Employers to keep record of the hours worked by Employees.
By Fenech & Fenech Advocates
The EU Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market (the "Copyright Directive") reached an important milestone on the 26th of March 2019.
By Sarah Cannataci
You're finishing off an important presentation or working on a school project – how many times have you Googled tirelessly and found the perfect image or photograph to bring your creation to life?
By Paul Gonzi
By way of context, there is no single social security law applicable in all the EU Member States. The local rules on contributions, types of benefits and eligibility criteria to entitlements will vary from country to country.
By Rowena Grima, Peter Grima
The European Regulation on Ship Recycling (No 1257/2013) which will reach its full effect by 31st December 2018 with respect to new vessels, imposes an obligation on Malta flagged vessels to conduct dismantling operations ...
By Paul Gonzi
On the 5th October 2018 the Maltese Court of Appeal (Inferior Competence) decided Appeal No 26/2017 in the names of Maltapost PLC Vs Kummissarju Ghall-Informazzjoni u l-Protezzjoni tadData
By Rowena Grima
On 27 October 2016 the IMO agreed to implement a 0.50% mass by mass (m/m) sulphur cap on all marine fuel by 2020, from the current 3.50% m/m
By Fenech & Fenech Advocates
As expected and by virtue of Legal Notice 306 of 2018 and Legal Notice 307 of 2018, the Innovative Technology Arrangements and Services Act and the Virtual Financial Assets Act...
By Fenech & Fenech Advocates
The Paris MoU's 51st meeting held earlier this summer, reaffirmed Malta's ranking on the White List. The European Union's smallest member state, boasting a record 77 million registered gross tonnes...
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