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By Chris Cook
The role became an informal mediator between the disputing parties to resolve the situation without expensive litigation.
By Mervyn Kitay
A sale contract should specifically state that the buyer assumes no responsibility for legal claims of previous employees.
By Stephen Hundy
Many directors in Australia do not understand their responsibilities or have the business skills to manage effectively.
By Nikhil Khatri
This should be seen as 'short term pain for long-term gain' - for peace of mind that employee entitlements are correct.
By Michael Carmody
Powers available to the bankruptcy trustee ensure that recoveries for the bankrupt estate's creditors are maximised.
By Scott Andersen
The general rule in bankruptcy is that a person's property, including the family home, vests in the bankruptcy trustee.
By Simon Cathro
Advisors and business owners should get early expert advice on this issue of employee versus contractor entitlements.
By James Robba
This court appointment is an option available to CTS lot owners to terminate a property venture when owners cannot agree.
By Paul Nogueira
The premise of these arrangements allows consumers to obtain goods/services immediately and to pay for them over time.
By Michael Griffin
This article discusses four areas of company regulation that Australian directors should be aware of.
By Stephen Hundy
Often, the company director of a SME can be personally liable for a significant proportion of the company's liabilities.
By Rita Chan
Despite any sale contract terms about who is responsible for the employee entitlements, the Fair Work Act rules prevail.
By John Goggin
The article raises awareness about legal and government initiatives to tighten the net around illegal phoenix activity.
By Nikhil Khatri
The safe harbour laws provide company directors with an opportunity to explore restructuring opportunities.
By Nikhil Khatri
The bill aims to make the debt agreement system more accessible and to provide more protection for debtors and creditors.
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