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Schubertring 6
By Günter Bauer, Robert Wagner
The number of cartel damages claims before national civil courts in Europe has dramatically increased over recent years.
By Izabela Wiewiórka
The statement must be signed by management board members.
By János Pásztor, Bence Kalman
On 4 June 2019, the so-called summer tax package was submitted to the Hungarian Parliament.
By János Pásztor, Bence Kalman
The branch jurisdiction does not tax the foreign source interest income attributed to the branch.
By Emilia Lhotka
Since January 2019, a new double taxation treaty between Austria and Japan is applicable, replacing the former treaty dating back to 1961.
By Cynthia Pfister
The double taxation treaty concluded between Austria and Germany contains a special provision deviating from the OECD Model Convention on the tax treatment of remunerations for employees living and working across the border ...
By Eva Stadler
As recently reported by the Austrian Ministry of Finance, the competent authorities of Austria and the USA have concluded an agreement on the exchange of country-by-country reports.
By Melanie Dimitrov
Right on time before the start of the summer season, the Austrian Ministry of Finance dealt with the question whether services performed on a sailing boat located in Croatia may constitute a permanent establishment ...
By Christina Barzal
In principle, the right to purchase goods with a voucher expires after 30 years.
By Martin Weber
By 1 July 2021, Member States shall adopt necessary regulations into national laws to comply with these directives.
By Florian Pechhacker
However, a new decision by the Vienna Higher Regional Court seems to be breaking new ground in this context.
By Damian Majda, Zuzanna Nowak
The new bill amending the Polish code of civil procedure introduces significant changes to procedure for serving court letters.
By Dalibor Valinčić, Berislav Drašković
The Croatian Supreme Court rendered a new compelling decision in a long-lasting judicial process between consumers and banks concerning the validity of CHF denominated consumer loans by stating that ...
By Marcin Rudnik, Jan Mącior
In February 2019, the first polish online arbitration court was created. The court advertises itself as fast, cheap and effective, and may constitute a great opportunity for better resolution of upcoming disputes in Poland.
By Damian Majda, Jan Mącior
On May 31, a new legal institution in Polish procedural law came into force. The main goal of the modifications is to further digitalize proceedings.
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