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By Henno Kotze (Dixcart Management Malta Limited)
Any international trading group aiming to minimise tax on income flow must carefully consider the location of their holding company.
By Leo Peeters (Peeters Advocaten-Avocats)
On 21 July 2018, Belgium introduced a new law aimed at simplifying the process of raising capital through crowdfunding.
By Mickael Tatayas (Tax Consult, S.A.)
Net e-commerce sales in 2018 are expected to surge above €300 billion, indicating not only how valuable an asset international e-commerce is for online sellers, but also the impact that discrepancies in VAT between countries can have on businesses operating across Europe.
By Leo Peeters (Peeters Advocaten-Avocats)
Non EU-nationals applying to live and work in Belgium will now only need to make a single application thanks to Belgium's Single Permit. Brussels lawyer Leo Peeters explains.
By John Nelson (Dixcart Trust Corporation Ltd)
Following a review of the Crown Dependencies' approach to taxation, the EU Code of Conduct Group (COCG) ruled that the Isle of Man and Guernsey were compliant with most of the EU principles of good tax governance, among them the principles of "fair taxation".
By Jackie Hendley (Smith Cooper Ltd)
With D-Day for Brexit approaching and with no deal currently agreed, many companies and individuals from the EU are wondering what the future holds for foreign assignees coming to the UK come March 2019.
By Giorgio Marcolongo (BĒS Associati )
Football icon Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer this summer to Juventus has not only excited the fans, but also sparked discussions about the tax implications of his transfer to the club.
By John Nelson (Dixcart Trust Corporation Ltd)
Despite the introduction of major changes in April 2017 to how non-UK domiciliaries are taxed, the UK non-dom regime remains an appealing choice for those looking to relocate from their country of origin ...
By Jane Greenwood (Alliotts Chartered Accountants)
Requirement To Correct (RTC) is a new UK tax law introduced to ensure UK tax payers with income, investments or assets overseas are paying the right amount of tax.
By Paul Marmor (Sherrards Solicitors LLP)
International businesses and expatriates in both EU states and in Britain are currently facing considerable uncertainty concerning the effect of the eventual exit deal negotiated between the UK and the EU on the economy, trade tariffs and the free movement of people, goods and services.
By Hunter Norton (Farkouh, Furman & Faccio LLP)
US employers who send US-based employees to work on assignment north of the border in Canada are likely to come into contact, directly or indirectly through their employees, with a number of tax, economic and regulatory challenges.
By Martin Seidl (Rothenbuchner & Partner)
When assigning their staff to Austria, EU based companies need to carefully consider a number of issues which will have implications in terms of tax and employment law.
By Daryl Petrick (Bowman & Company, LLP)
The US Supreme Court ruling in the South Dakota versus Wayfair case might have opened a Pandora's Box of tax compliance problems internationally as states look to collect taxes they believe are owed to them. Californian CPA Daryl R. Petrick, Partner at Bowman & Company, LLP, explains the decision and the possible implications for retailers all over the globe.
By Ted Markson (Golenbock Eiseman Assor Bell & Paskoe LLP)
The effect of recent US tax reforms (Tax Cuts & Jobs Act) is an area of significant interest but also a source of confusion among foreign businesses and private investors, but also US expatriates abroad.
By David Gibbs (Alliotts)
Nine of the world's Top 20 companies are digital businesses. Old (tax) rules don't fit their business models.