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By Caroline Brown
Some lawmakers have plans to raise the federal Fair Labor Standards Act's minimum wage from $7.25 to $8.55 later this year, then step it up to $15.00 per hour by 2024
By Reyburn Lominack III
In a 3-1 ruling that should be hailed by employers across the country, the National Labor Relations Board just made it harder for employees to successfully claim ...
By Sean Kingston
As I wrote previously, it is no secret that labor laws have been unable to keep pace with the changing economy, despite challenges from the bench to address the needs of the gig economy.
By Sadé Tidwell, Ebony Hayes
While wage increases can occur any time of the year, January is a common time for employers to increase pay rates whether based on company or industry compensation practices - or to comply with minimum wage increases on the horizon.
By Corey Goerdt
In an article for FSR Magazine, Atlanta attorney Corey Goerdt walks through the long list of food safety guidelines and rules that restaurants must follow to pass health inspections.
By Howard Mavity
In February 2016, an employee of Mar-Jac Poultry was injured while trying to repair an electrical panel.
By Brett Owens
As the competition to secure investments with startups continues to increase, venture capitalists are discovering new ways to strengthen their relationships with potential investment partners.
By Melissa Osipoff, Justin Reiter
If implemented, the regulations will severely impact scheduling practices of New York employers.
By Spencer Waldron
Companies are increasingly faced with class actions for alleged violations of one of the "big three" —the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) ...
By Davis Bae
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently proposed a new rule that could dramatically change the way the H-1B application process works.
By Greg Grisham
The British government announced workplace reforms yesterday (which include new legislation) that will impact employers including gig economy companies, although the reforms do not seek a "radical reworking of existing business models."
By Jeffrey Smith
As the year is winding down, companies are preparing for 2018 group health plan reporting obligations and 2019 open enrollment for next year's medical benefits.
By Stephen Scott
‘Twas the night before the office holiday party, when all through the venue, every last thing was prepared, right down to the menu. ...
By Sarina Saluja, Marianna Bertikian
Beginning Jan. 1, companies in California will need to ensure appropriate accommodations are made available to its employees who need to express milk.
By Tiffani W. Greene
A Texas federal judge dealt a serious blow to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) late Friday afternoon, ruling that the tax reform law passed by Congress in late 2017
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