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By Lester Ross, Kenneth Zhou
China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) as expected published three lists on foreign investment on June 30...
By Timothy Syrett
This article was written by Partner Timothy Syrett and published by IP Watchdog.
By Jonathan Cedarbaum
The few notable exceptions involve data that would allow the government to intrude upon the intimacies of people's lives by tracking their physical location over extended periods—as Carpenter found CSLI does.
By WilmerHale
On 30 October 2016, Canada, the EU and its Member States signed CETA.
By Frédéric Louis, Anne Vallery
In addition, and as expected, we saw a renewed EC drive against vertical restraints aiming to limit price competition in retail distribution markets.
By Petal Walker
In an article published in Futures and Derivatives Law Report, Petal P. Walker discusses the blurry line between a virtual currency and an investment contract.
By Matthew F. Ferraro
Last month, a video that appeared to show House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slurring her words went viral on social media.
By David Ogden, Ronald Machen, Stephen Jonas, Ericka Aiken
For nearly 15 years, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has used independent monitors to address compliance issues with companies accused of violations of healthcare fraud statutes and regulations.
By Robert M. Finkel
On May 15, 2019, WilmerHale Partner Rob Finkel sat down with Thomas Young, Managing Partner at Rumjog Enterprises, for a podcast on The Evolution of Commercial Agreements.
By Rina See
In July 2018, both Argentina and Uruguay passed new arbitration laws governing arbitrations seated in the respective countries.
By Robert D. Burke
Section 704(c)(1)(A) is a seemingly modest provision.
By Gary Schall
It's easy and convenient to keep doing what you've been doing as you scale.
By Anthony Trenton, Trevor Cook, Justin Watts, PhD, Vanessa Wettner
US patents have some extraterritorial effect.
By Christopher David
The House of Lords Bribery Act 2010 Committee published its "post-legislative scrutiny" report on March 14, 2019.
By Heidi B. Treiber, Jonathan Wolfman
The SEC has approved rule changes that significantly simplify the process for public companies to redact confidential information from the exhibits required to be filed as part of SEC reports and registration statements.
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