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via Azzo Gardino, 8/A
By Adriano Colomban
Article 137 of the Italian Procurement Code applies to all offers containing products originating in third countries, with which the European Union ...
By Andrea Stefanelli
The Regional Administrative Court of Milan (Section IV) has recently ruled (21/2/2018, n.500) on the principles of "exclusivity" and "non-fungibility" and on whether they are sufficient grounds ...
By Andrea Stefanelli
The Italian Council of State (Section III) has ruled on the concept of exclusivity with sentence no. 748 of 5/2/2018, establishing that even if existing ...
By Stefanelli & Stefanelli Studio Legale
Le regole prevista dal GDPR per una circolazione sicura in ogni Paese e non solo nei Paesi dell'Unione Europea
By Eleonora Lenzi
Two companies from two different EU Member States have entered into a contract in 2014 by exchanging forms via e-mail.
By Silvia Stefanelli
It is a time of major changes in the private health sector. Foreign investment funds are purchasing healthcare facilities in Italy, and within the territory various mergers ...
By Valentina Anna Garofano
On 14 September 2017, the European Court of Justice (‘ECJ') provided further guidance on how to identify an excessive pricing abuse under art. 102 lett. a) ...
By Silvia Stefanelli
The long-awaited sentence by the Court of Justice on the Snitem - Syndicat national de l'industrie des technologies médicales (C.329/16) case concerning the ...
By Silvia Stefanelli
Medical research and data protection: in the last days, divergent comments and positions have appeared on the web regarding the text of the new Art. 110-a of the Privacy Code ...
By Eleonora Lenzi
It goes without saying that in the course of a public or private contract, the parties involved may have to manage and process a large amount of personal data of the interested third parties.
By Valentina Anna Garofano
On January 1, 2018, the Revised Standardization Law of the People's Republic of China has come into force. The new Law modernizes and simplifies the previous ...
By Eleonora Lenzi, Valentina Anna Garofano
The year 2018 is expected to see great developments in the area of data protection, and not only across Europe.
By Silvia Stefanelli
As the date of the full implementation of the 679/2016 Regulation draws nearer (May 25, 2018), it is important to understand who it refers to and where does it apply.
By Silvia Stefanelli
After the principle of lawfulness, which has been discussed in the previous article, the General Data Protection Regulation also introduces the principle of fairness.
By Silvia Stefanelli
Art. 5 of the new General Data Protection Regulation can be considered as the heart of the system. Indeed, it contains the principles that must be followed in data processing.