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By Joel Zyngier, Martin Stirling, Phoebe Griffin
Recent case highlights that dismissals must be justified, follow a fair process & be proportionate to the employee's conduct.
By Alex Haslam
The draft Bill proposes amendments to enable the unfair contract terms regime to apply to insurance contracts.
By Alex Haslam, Ashleigh Allen
The decision has implications as to how companies should manage their Facebook pages to avoid possible defamation claims.
By Fiona Errington, Katrina Fitzgerald
The Federal Court considered the term "spontaneous" in the context of a perils exclusion clause in an insurance policy.
By Joel Zyngier, Phoebe Griffin
Employers should implement a domestic violence leave policy and ensure all employees understand the new entitlements.
By Joel Zyngier, Martin Stirling
An employer who repudiates an employment contract may be found liable for unfair dismissal and/or for breach of contract.
By Nicole Norris, Carla Downes
Uncertainty as to whether the threshold for significant injury applies to liability claims relating to intentional acts.
By Philip Duffy, Nadine John
This Limelight discusses the requirements, risks and penalties brought about by the Victorian labour hire legislation.
By Jonathan Cutler, Sarah Tehan
Recent case reminds employers that they owe a duty to their employees in relation to foreseeable psychological injuries.
By Nick Maley, Lucinda Mullins
This edition of Limelight focuses on the Commission's recommendations made in respect to the home loan mortgage industry.
By Katherine Czoch, Justine Siavelis, Nitesh Patel
The article provides an overview of comments and recommendations in the final report of the Banking Royal Commission.
By Justine Siavelis, Katherine Czoch, Cherry Lee
The basis for the Inquiry was the increased prevalence of class action proceedings, and the role of litigation funders.
By Nicole Norris, Jessica Rosla
A claimant in Victoria is precluded from claiming non-economic loss damages unless they suffer a 'significant injury'.
By Kevin Gilchrist, Joe Parisi
This decision is an important recognition of the limits of "equivalent employment" in section 18 of the RTWA 2014 (SA).
By Alex Haslam, Sonja Schoenborn
The award of damages took into account that syndication increased the scope of publication and resulting hurt and harm.