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By Robin Tabbers, Victoria Lei
SAMR has announced an in-depth enforcement sweep in China, focusing particularly on the online and pharma industries.
By Maarten Roos, Robin Tabbers, Simon Robertson
There are plenty of factors that could contribute to success in China, not all of them under the company's control.
By Justin Luo
Companies should avoid the expression "well-known trademarks" in any advertising or promotional activity of their brands.
By Robin Tabbers
Article discusses 3 myths about brands and advises to register your brand, trademark and logo when doing business with China. .
By Robin Tabbers
Article discusses due diligence and cultural differences and provides suggestions when selecting business partners in China. .
By Robin Tabbers
It is crucial that that you make sure that you own or apply for the trademark right to use your name and brand in China.
By Robin Tabbers
Article discusses ways of avoiding, mitigating and resolving issues with Chinese suppliers. .
By Robin Tabbers
Article discusses mobile commerce, its growth, the high standards and the secrets to succeeding in this area.
By Maarten Roos, Yang Limeng
The Supreme People's Court continues initiatives to improve the system for enforcement of judgments and arbitral awards.
By Koen Naber, Victoria Lei, Victoria Notebaert (formerly with R&P China Lawyers)
Starting a panel proceeding appears to be a good way to enforce your IP rights in China.
By Robin Tabbers, Maarten Roos
The article provides a comparison between different sales channels into China presently available to foreign companies.
By Robin Tabbers
In this article, the most important points with regards to PRC labor law compliance for foreign companies are examined.
By Maarten Roos
This new tariff reduction will significantly reduce the cost of selling certain imported goods to Chinese consumers.
By Robin Tabbers, Chen Yun
Companies are still highly recommended to have relevant dispute resolution clauses in their Chinese business contracts.
By Yang Limeng, Robin Tabbers
The article explores how to establish a franchise in China and highlights important considerations unique to the market.