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By Jeanette Whyman
On Monday 5 February, Clare Foges, one of the regular feature writers for the Times wrote an excoriating piece on the compensation culture in response to a call from NHS leaders to the Justice Secretary ...
By Mary Rouse
You will know that it is a requirement to provide a copy of this to your tenant if the letting is not a social tenancy.
By Mary Rouse
This was a very long-running case relating to Mrs Ahmed's occupation of a 4 bedroomed property owned by the Council.
By Dawn Reynolds
Despite the government's best efforts to attract more institutional investors into the residential letting market in order to create a more ‘professional' PRS, it remains dominated by small, buy-to-let landlords.
By Carol Matthews
In the wake of the Housing Act, RPs and their advisers have been assessing the impact of deregulation on valuations and the ability of RPs to manage their assets in a more commercial way.
By Andrew Dudley
How many times have we heard that digitalisation will transform our lives, only to find that the promise of digital nirvana has feet of clay?
By Stuart Thwaites
This article looks at whether the courts will enforce an adjudicator's decision when faced with a Notice of Intention to Appoint an Administrator from the company found liable under such a decision.
By Stuart Thwaites
It can often be tempting, where it suits it, for one party to argue a point one way in one adjudication only to argue the opposite point, on the same issue, in a subsequent adjudication between the same parties.
By Stuart Thwaites
Although the headlines are currently dominated by the demise of Carillion, it is not just large main contractors that have suffered financial difficulties.
By Stuart Thwaites
It is now well recognised that in the absence of material breaches of natural justice and/or lack of jurisdiction, the Courts will enforce an Adjudicator's decision whether it is right or wrong.
By John Gregory
In an example of the strict line being taken on appeal in respect of the administrative requirements placed on developers under the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 ("the CIL Regulations") ...
By Jeanette Whyman
Last summer I applauded the abandonment of the ‘Campaign for Normal Birth' on the basis that, although motivated by the best of reasons, it was a fundamentally flawed approach that was...
By Catheine Puffett
Following the Supreme Court decision in Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board the law relating to informed consent has been redefined.
By Nathan Talbott
For those affected, the Finance (No. 2) Act 2017 contains some of the most significant changes to tax legislation in recent memory (the 2019 Loan Charge).
By Amy Lloyd
moving description on the BBC website of a family's campaign to convince doctors that their sister, severely injured following a car crash, would not want medical intervention to keep her alive...