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By Hazel Wells
In reality, we all know that getting paid on time is not as simple as it should be, and for the growth and continuation of your business, the recoveries of monies owed is an essential ingredient.
By Georgia McDonnell
Following Employment Tribunal decisions towards the end of 2017, it has been established that "sleep-ins" are covered by the National Minimum Wage (NMW) regulations.
By Patrick McCallum
This case perfectly demonstrates the close relationship between data protection and cyber security and the fact that if businesses fail to adopt a robust approach in respect of cyber security...
By Jeanette Whyman
The importance of patient safety is repeatedly drummed into everyone who works in the NHS.
By Sebastian Salt
If you operate any share incentive arrangement or have issued shares, granted options or made other forms of share or loan note award to directors and/or employees during the 2017/18 tax year...
By Gemma Carson
From 1 January 2013, the Retail Distribution Review introduced a ban on trail commission for new products. In its Consultation Paper published in June 2017 and Asset Management Market Study Final Report...
By Gemma Carson
It is not just small businesses that wish to avoid the costs of litigation. Even large, multi-national companies, are recognising the benefit of taking the costs ...
By John Gregory
Amongst all the reaction to the proposed revisions to the NPPF, the consultation on Developer Contributions has, to some extent, gone under the radar ...
By Tina Chander
From 6 April 2018 onwards, all payments made in lieu of notice will be subject to income tax and NIC.
By Christine Jackson
With much of the business world focused on complying with the stricter rules on protecting personal data under the imminent GDPR, the revelation that the Information Commissioner's Office...
By Wasim Mohammed
We continue to face a growing housing crisis and industry experts are divided in their opinion of potential solutions.
By Susan Hopcraft
When settling a dispute it is usual for the defendant to seek the widest possible waiver of all claims that might be brought against them in the future.
By Rebecca Mushing
On Monday 5 March, Dominic Raab, the Housing Minister, announced changes to permitted development rights which will allow up to five new homes to be built ...
By Jeanette Whyman
In case reminiscent of the suspension of Manu Nair, the consultant whose surgical techniques for treating men with prostate cancer were found to be inappropriate in some cases and harmful in others ...
By Georgia McDonnell
Employment law is continually evolving and being influenced by a number of factors; this can mean that employment contracts that were once fit for purpose now lack certain essential elements...
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