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By Peter Pang
The law takes a comprehensive measure to promote a better investment environment for foreign investors.
By Téo Doremus
What Is A Legal Representative In China? (Video)
By Peter Pang
FCPA enforcement against Chinese companies has long been highly charged with national security issues.
By Peter Pang
Foreign investment is big business in China.
By Thomas Mattei, Anna Huang
These two measures are new and intriguing, but how they will be implemented remains to be seen.
By Téo Doremus
The Chinese Business Culture (Video)
By Téo Doremus
Tackling Counterfeiting In China (Video)
By Ralph E. Winnie, Jr.
China's GDP grew 6.6 percent last year, the slowest in 28 years but above the target of 6.5 percent. For the first time, the GDP surpassed 90 trillion yuan (about 13 trillion U.S. dollars) in 2018.
By Téo Doremus
WFOE In China (Video)
By Téo Doremus
Joint-Ventures In China
By Téo Doremus
Franchising In China (Video)
By Téo Doremus
Mr. Zhou from the law firm IPO Pang Xingpu discusses ICP licensing in China.
By Téo Doremus
Renting an Apartment in China.
By John Tan
Mr. Tan from the law firm IPO Pang Xingpu discusses trademark law in China.
By IPO Pang Xingpu
Franchising in China emerged in the late 1980s, with American fast-food chain KFC paving the way. Soon after, several other multinational companies entered and expanded into the Chinese market.