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By Anh Nguyen
Expert evidence is inadmissible if it does not relate to knowledge based on specialised study, training and experience.
By Bridgette Neill-White
Expert witnesses have an obligation to act independently and objectively, so that their reliability is without question.
By Brad Bennett, Paul Mirams, Sam Woods, Tom Davis
Key insights regarding property exposure data including interests only loans, foreign bank branches and development loans.
By Caitlin Meynell
Recent case highlights that expert evidence is of limited utility if based on assumptions that are unclear or cannot be proven.
By KordaMentha Forensic
This case highlights the intricacies and potential issues for experts in translating emoticons, symbols and expressions.
By Ben Mahler
The article discusses the increasing trend of attaching letters of instruction with the completion of an expert's report.
By Ben Mahler, Scott Langdon
This structure, of the owner pushing risks down to the contractor and subcontractors is not sustainable on mega projects.
By John Dawson
This case highlights certain questions to be considered early to ensure that the expert's reports are not rejected later.
By Martin Madden, Richard Tucker, Scott Langdon
The Buyer is well positioned to recapitalise, given its proven track record in completing large scale mining acquisitions.
By Mark Mentha
Generations in Jazz is a unique gathering of Australia's most talented musicians. .
By John Temple-Cole
The article provides insights into being retained as an expert witness in Arbitration, Court and other proceedings.
By Brad Bennett, Paul Mirams, Sam Woods, Tom Davis
This update provides a snapshot of APRA's latest property exposure data on the commercial and residential sectors.
By David Lehmann
The UK experience may assist to alleviate the uncertainties in requirements of the Australian modern slavery legislation.
By Craig Macaulay
The validation protocol mandated in the order adds robustness and transparency to the discovery process.
By David Lehmann
Transparency International's (TI) Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) chart results show a steady decline for Australia.
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