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By Dexter Cabal
The only way to avoid risk of injury, death or being charged with a PCA offence is not to drive after consuming alcohol.
By Selwyn Black, Yue Lucy Han
It could be timely for all employers to review the 13 Australian Privacy Principles and apply them to their business.
By Justine Anderson, Bill Madden
Article discusses public inquiries examining the adequacy of responses to multiple complaints about a medical practitioner.
By Selwyn Black, James Pinkerton
Article describes arbitration and focuses on the approach of courts to International Commercial Arbitration at 2 main stages.
By Hayley Aldrich
The limitations of the various restitutive schemes have resulted in many people being excluded from achieving justice.
By Gillian Kirwan, Paul Carroll
When you are a property owner, ensure you have regular contact with the property even if just for maintenance purposes.
By Matthew Rafferty
The administration period can be difficult for a landlord, as their rights in relation to the premises are restricted.
By James McEnaney
Not all accident injuries on the journey to and from work need necessarily be brought as "journey injury claims".
By Bill Madden
The issue was whether it was "just and reasonable" to allow the action to claim damages for alleged child sexual abuse.
By Sam Akon
This article outlines some of the frequently asked questions that often arise at the start of a personal injury matter.
By Alex Collie
Sexting involves individuals taking revealing photographs of themselves to share with peers, boyfriends and girlfriends.
By Dianne Retief, Patricia Monemvasitis
A bare trustee acts on instructions by the beneficiary, so the beneficiary is responsible for the supply or acquisition.
By Deanne Methven
Landlords are often aware of reports of budgets, expenditure and recoveries, but may not be aware of the marketing levy.
By Matthew Rafferty
The Appeal Panel of the Tribunal applied these 10 principles to decide that the demolition notice in this case was valid.
By Paul Carroll, Paul Carroll
The Tribunal found the landlords were entitled to re-enter and re-take possession of the premises without further notice.
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