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By Blakes Pensions, Benefits & Executive Compensation Group
Welcome to the 23rd issue of the Blakes Pensions Newsletter.
By Victoria Allsopp, Paul Belanger
The federal government announced its intention to study open banking in February 2018 in its Budget 2018.
By Bradley Berg, Max Shapiro, Joe McGrade
On January 11, 2019, a majority of the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in Frank v. Canada (Attorney General) that certain provisions in the Canada Elections Act, which denied federal voting rights ...
By Auriol Marasco, Jason MacIntyre, Avril Gabidon (Student-at-Law)
Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), dominated the media for all the wrong reasons at the end of 2018.
By Blakes Competition & Antitrust Group
On December 30, 2018, the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) entered into force in Canada, Australia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Singapore
By Fabien Lanteri-Massa, Rebecca Dawe
The GLPs are a set of voluntary guidelines intended to promote consistency in the emerging green loan market.
By Rahat Godil, Skye Sepp, Anna Abbott
The Ontario Court of Appeal (Court) has unanimously overturned the lower court's decision in Heller v. Uber Technologies et al.
By Blakes Aviation & Aerospace Group
Bill C-49 passed on May 22, 2018, and received royal asset on May 23, 2018. Among other things, the bill raised the foreign ownership limit in Canadian airlines ...
By Caitlin McIntyre, Ilia Kravtsov, Linc Rogers
In 2018, several insolvency cases were litigated that will be of interest to commercial lenders in restructuring and insolvency proceedings.
By Bill Maclagan, Aideen Brennan
British Columbia's Speculation and Vacancy Tax Act (Bill 45) (SVTA) recently received royal assent.
By Auriol Marasco
This past summer, the federal government commenced two pilot projects involving emergency responders ...
By Jasmine Jin
Since the Cape Town Convention on Mobile Assets and its related Aircraft Protocol entered into force on March 1, 2006 ...
By Christopher Wong
In Canada, financiers and lessors (creditors) have a variety of remedies available to them in the event aircraft operators or lessees (debtors) default ...
By Auriol Marasco
On October 17, 2018, Canada officially brought into force the legalization of recreational cannabis.
By Charles Kazaz, Zvi Halpern-Shavim, Mathieu Nolin, Amy Lee (Student-at-Law)
Under the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act (Act), the federal government is empowered to administer and enforce a two-pronged carbon pricing system in provinces and territories
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