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By Hannah Marshall
This case illustrated the importance of market definition and the assessment of market power under the new effects test.
By Hannah Marshall, Danielle Kroon
This article includes summaries of recent cases involving the ACCC, consumer law, competition and misleading conduct.
By Emma Johnsen, Nathan Mattock
Jay-Z recently sued an Australian online retailer, The Little Homie, claiming IP infringement of his famous song track.
By Emma Johnsen, Nathan Mattock
Taylor Swift has been twittersputing with Scooter Braun over the rights to the back catalogue of her master recordings.
By Damian Sturzaker, Molly Jackson
BITs and FTAs should give foreign investors the right to sue a government through binding international arbitration.
By Damian Sturzaker, Molly Jackson
This case shows that if you are settling a complex shareholder dispute. you must ensure there is a binding agreement.
By Wesley Rogers, Courtney Divani
There is still a lot of uncertainty around whether uber drivers are employees or contractors.
By Hannah Marshall
Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants to increase protection for the mining industry from environmental group protesters.
By Justin Cudmore, Sophie Ciufo
The ACCC is suing Google for misleading conduct and false or misleading representations regarding personal information.
By Wesley Rogers, Courtney Divani
Large or public companies must have introduced and established a compliant whistleblowing policy by 1 January 2020.
By Wesley Rogers, Courtney Divani
A former TV Channel 7 "House Rules" contestant won a workers' compensation case, on the basis that she was an employee.
By Hannah Marshall, Sophie Ciufo
The EU is popping currently with directives and cases addressing the legal and social obligations of digital platforms.
By Damian Sturzaker, Daisy Von Schoenberg
It's one of the lesser-known facts about world-renowned rap artist Jay-Z, but he's big in the arbitration scene.
By Nathan Mattock, Sophie Ciufo
France is trying to make Google pay publishers for snippets of news articles in its search results, but Google refuses.
By Hannah Marshall
Discussion around the fact that the ACCC is concerned about the state of competition in the digital advertising industry.
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