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By Jason R. Brost
A panel of the Second Circuit has, in an unpublished summary order, emphasized the high bar that must be cleared by a party seeking to vacate an arbitration award.
By Thaddeus Ewald
The court, however, brushed off those arguments and held that "even assuming them to be true" the first-to-file rule still applied.
By Mark Neubauer, Gailya McElroy
Failing to comply with last week's California Supreme Court order concerning overtime pay and lump sum bonuses may expose you to costly class actions ...
By Jason R. Brost
The court found that such a reconsideration of the jury's factual findings was beyond its authority under Rule 60, and it denied the motion.
By Carlton Fields
This Weeks Florida Appeals: Week Of March 2-9, 2018
By Thaddeus Ewald
A federal district court in Pennsylvania recently dismissed all claims asserted by an insured against a reinsurer in a coverage dispute over an explosion at plaintiff Three Rivers Hydroponics...
By Jillian Orticelli
When an employer negligently supervises an employee who commits separate acts of sexual harassment against three different co-workers on separate occasions, how many "occurrences"...
By Robert MacAneney
In January 2017, the first of several securities class action lawsuits was filed against Yahoo and certain of its directors and officers in the Northern District of California.
By Gail Jankowski
This case concerned a business dispute between two physicians. Despite the arbitration clause contained in their agreement, Dr. Raju sued Dr. Murphy in state court.
By Benjamin E. Stearns
A choice of law provision within an arbitration agreement selecting Maryland law was held unenforceable in so far as it would result in waiver of claims under the California Private Attorneys General Act...
By Richard Ovelmen, Rachel A. Oostendorp
Appellate attorneys (hopefully!) understand the need to preserve arguments for appeal by raising them before the trial court and in their opening briefing. But what about the difference ...
By Gail Jankowski
This case concerned a coverage dispute between Technical Security Integration Inc. and its insurer, Philadelphia Indemnity.
By Carlton Fields
Foreclosure/Standing: borrower's standing arguments failed because they were based on notion that note changed hands after it was delivered to World Savings Bank ...
By D.Barret Broussard
The Georgia Court of Appeals recently made waves in Hughes v. First Acceptance Insurance Company of Georgia, Inc., 343 Ga. App. 693 (2017).
By Robert MacAneney
On March 1, a New York appeals court ruled that American International Group, Inc. (AIG) need not defend Carfax, Inc. against a $50 million suit alleging the company monopolized the vehicle history report market.
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