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By Susan Battye, Nicholas Blake-Knox, Jennifer Fox, Sarah Maguire, Eoin O'Connor, Eimear Keane, Conor Daly, Bill Laffan, Niall Esler, Shane Martin
On 8 April 2019 the Central Bank of Ireland published and circulated a letter addressed to Irish regulated financial service providers, including funds and fund service providers regarding industry-wide shortcomings ...
By Brendan O'Brien, Eoin O'Connor, Conor Daly, Bill Laffan, Niall Esler, Shane Martin, Fiona de Lacy
On 29 April 2019, the website of the Central Register of Beneficial Ownership of Companies and Industrial and Provident Societies went live (the "Central Register").
By Nigel Sanders, Fritha Ford
In giving its reasons for setting aside transfers into a Jersey trust on grounds of mistake, the Royal Court of Jersey has provided a helpful distinction between the law of mistake as it is applies in Jersey as against its English law counterpart ...
By Thomas Granger, Tania Toh
Singapore partner Thomas Granger and senior associate Tania Toh have contributed to Asian-Mena Counsel Offshore Update, reviewing venture captial in Southeast Asia in 2018.
By Nicholas Blake-Knox, Jennifer Fox, Sarah Maguire, Eimear Keane
Ireland Cross-Border Fund Distribution.
By Garry Ferguson, Eoin O'Connor, Jonathan Sheehan, Paddy Rath
Ireland Managing Partner Garry Ferguson, partners Jonathan Sheehan and Eoin O'Connor and of counsel Paddy Rath authoured the "Ireland: Law and Practice' chapter in the Chambers and Gobal Practice Guide on Capital Markets:Debt.
By Lucy Frew, Tony De Quintal, Colm Dawson, Andrew Howarth, Steven Manning, Alice Molan, Sara Hall, Megan English
The Cayman Islands Department for International Tax Cooperation has issued an Industry Advisory to update the relevant dates for reporting under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and the Common Reporting Standard.
By Rupert Bell, Andrew Gibson
By Sarah Demerling
Bermuda Partner Sarah Demerling recently contributed to hedgeweek's special report 'Bermuda Fund Services 2019' discussing Bermuda's Insurance Linked Securities (ILS).
By Nick Dunne, Andrew Gibson, Xia Li
By Alison Ozanne, Phoebe Dengate Thrush
The Court also awarded the Plaintiff a further £100 as nominal damages for the Defendant's wrongful detention of the Jaguar.
By Chris Keefe, Barnaby Gowrie, Luke Petith
By Matthew Goucke, Michael Testori
By Nicholas Blake-Knox, Jennifer Fox, Sarah Maguire
Please do not hesitate to contact your usual Walkers contact if you have any questions relating to this update and/or the Temporary Permissions Regime more broadly.
By James Gaden, Thomas Granger
Singapore partners John Rogers and Thomas Granger have recently been discussing private equity fund structures with Asian-Mena Counsel Offshore Update.
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