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By Leanne McKeown
Men are scared of women now. Well, according to the New York Times in a May 2019 article reporting on the results from a recent and SurveyMonkey's new #MentorHer poll, ...
By Tara Cubbon
The Isle of Man's Judgments (Reciprocal Enforcement) (Isle of Man) Act 1968 (the "Act") provides a quick and simple process for the registration of judgments obtained in certain jurisdictions.
By Tara Cubbon
Trust structures will often involve trustees holding shares in companies; those shares forming part of the trust fund held by the trustees for the benefit of the trust and the beneficiaries as a whole.
By Adam Killip
The Isle of Man Financial Services Authority ("IOMFSA") has recently updated its registration policy in relation to businesses operating in the cryptocurrency sector.
By Rose Kinrade
In the unfortunate event of a marriage breaking down, the majority of people have little knowledge of the divorce procedure and how to go about resolving any associated issues.
By Rose Kinrade
Family law advocate Rose Kinrade highlights the pitfalls of not seeking legal advice when divorcing The dangers of DIY divorce
By Rose Kinrade
The percentage of married adults is remarkably lower than in previous generations. The manner in which people live and their relationship's progress is significantly different than ever before.
By Sinead O’Connor
"Put his own interests above those of the company" "Buried his head in the sand" "May not have undertaken their duties in a fit and proper manner" ….
By Leanne McKeown
Employee misconduct happens. When this occurs, in maintaining standards, employers have to take internal action.
By Rose Kinrade, Ellen Jarvis
Many people are guilty of leaving the making of their Will to the bottom of their "to do" pile. However, drafting a Will is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you protect your loved ones...
By Joanne Hill
The main source of employment law is found in the legislation set out within various Acts of Tynwald (the Parliament of the Isle of Man), and associated secondary legislation, such as Regulations and Orders.
By Kirsten Middleton
Managing Director, Mark Dougherty, together with associate Kirsten Middleton are the authors of the IOM Shipping chapter in this internationally renowned publication.
By Jessica McManus
Being a little island in the middle of the Irish Sea, you could be forgiven for thinking the Isle of Man would inevitably be behind the times, however it's a pleasant surprise how often the Isle of Man...
By Tara Cubbon
Sex discrimination is one of the hottest topics in employment law at present and in particular the concept of equal pay and the so-called ‘gender pay-gap'.
By Tara Cubbon
DQ Advocates' top ranked employment team was instructed by Julie Bradley and Nicola Batey in their capacity as industrial relations officers appointed under the Trade Disputes Act 1985 and known collectively as the Manx Industrial Relations Service.
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