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By Isabelle Keeler
On November 1, 2019, employees on Prince Edward Island will be entitled to up to three (3) days leave with pay and an additional seven (7) days...
By Mohammad Ali Raza, David Reid
Contemplating selling your business? Considering entering into a purchase agreement? Materiality scrape provisions are something you should be keeping an eye out for.
By Jacqueline Boucher
With advances in medical technology, the use of assisted human reproduction has increased significantly in the past 40 years, since the first child born from in vitro fertilization (IVF) was born
By John Alexander “Sandy” Jenkins
The Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education is considering expanding the equal pay provisions of the Labour Standards Code (the "Code")
By Thomas M. Munn
Consider the best ownership structure for you and your partners. Below are several options for how to set up your business and the advantages
By Mohammad Ali Raza
The potential in Atlantic Canada for economically sustainable aquaculture has been well documented, but getting the industry to flourish remains a challenge
By Ashley Savinov
The Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador recently released a decision regarding an employee's post-employment obligations in relation to confidentiality and non-competition with
By Laura Boyd
The recent New Brunswick Court of Appeal decision, J. Clark & Son, Limited v. New Brunswick, 2019 NBCA 31 provides guidance on to whom the minimum wage applies.
By Robin Aitken
"Everything to each other, and if we both go, to the kids". Sound familiar? Estate planning is actually far more complicated than this.
By Cox & Palmer
Cox & Palmer is a proud member of the Risk Management Counsel of Canada (RMC), a national association of independent law firms offering a comprehensive range of legal services to the insurance industry, risk retention groups and self-insureds.
By Suzanne Rix
The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program ("AIPP") is an excellent option for employers wishing to hire immigrants, and for immigrants wishing to immigrate to Atlantic Canada
By Anna M. Cook
Legally, corporations are considered separate legal persons: they can sue and be sued; they pay taxes; they can enter into contracts; they can do things (or fail to do things) – just the same as an individual person can.
By Michel P. Samson
As noted in The Chronicle Herald last Saturday ("Cape Breton lobsterman gets court's OK for replacement to trap under his licence," June 15), Lester Martell has won at least
By Caroline McAvity
"Distress", when used in this context, means the seizure of someone's property to secure the performance of a duty. A landlord's right of distress is a useful self-help remedy
By John Alexander “Sandy” Jenkins
The legalization of cannabis has heightened concern and awareness around impairment in the workplace. Legalization
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