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Jones Day
By Jones Day
In this Encore Presentation: Jones Day Talks podcast on foreign direct investment, Randi Lesnick and Chase Kaniecki discuss the current global M&A landscape
By John Evans, John Froemming, Tracy Stitt
A U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit decision strengthens U.S. design patent protection for replacement parts.
By Marc Siegel, Peter Julian
The U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division recently announced significant revisions to its criminal enforcement policies regarding the value it places on a company's pre-existing antitrust compliance program.
By Robert Marshall II, John Papadakis, Shoshana Litt
This White Paper highlights some recent developments in certain countries relating to employee stock plans offered by multinational companies to employees in such jurisdictions.
By Catharina J. Chin Eng, Matthew Johnson
On July 15, 2019, the USPTO's Patent Trial and Appeal Board published a second update to the AIA Trial Practice Guide ("2nd Update"), providing additional guidance for trial practice before the Board.
By Carl Kukkonen III
The order further states that the prohibition does not exist, however, during the time frame between conclusion of cross examination and start of re-cross.
By Tim L'Estrange, Adam Salter, Daniel Moloney, Douglas G. Johnson
Sweeping changes to corporate whistleblowing laws in Australia came into effect on 1 July 2019.
By Rajeev Muttreja, J. Andrew Jackson, Heather O'Shea, Rachel Page
The prospect of a substantial bounty often motivates enterprising relators to assert novel theories of recovery under the FCA—including, increasingly, under the FCA's reverse false claims provision, ...
By Douglas Pearson
Through May FY 2019, 957 IPR petitions, 38 PGR petitions, and 22 CBM petitions have been filed.
By Catharina J. Chin Eng, Matthew Johnson
The PTAB found that institution should not be denied even assuming that the Patent Owner's assertions, which relate to the first two General Plastic factors, were correct.
By Matthew Johnson
The USPTO has published a second update to the AIA Trial Practice Guide (TPG) containing additional guidance about trial practice before the Board.
By Remy Fekete, Emmanuel De La Rochethulon, Laura Fraedrich
The desire to adjust tax policy in the digital age is not new.
By Martin Schulte, Ulf Kreppel, Harriet Territt, Stephen Obie, Dennis C. Bree
This opens the question of whether regulation that specifically addresses the new technology could change that.
By Lisa Ledbetter, Colin C. Richard, Ralph F. MacDonald III (Chip), Locke McMurray
The regulatory changes will be effective as of the date of publication of the final rule in the Federal Register.
By Harold Gordon, Locke McMurray, Rory Hood, Kim Desmarais, Michael Butowsky, Jason Jurgens
The Divisions and the OCA released the Statement on July 12, 2019.
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