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By Patrick Holland, Kate Swain, Elizabeth Ryan, Rebecca Stokes
These changes aim to strengthen the purchasing power of NSW councils when negotiating contracts and competing for work.
By Patrick Holland, Kate Swain
Councils should become familiar with the requirements under the new NPW Act in respect of Aboriginal objects and places.
By Matthew McMillan, Donna Lin
Cloud-based services is the on-demand delivery of ICT services over a network from a shared pool of computing resources.
By Liam Davis, Kristen Hodge
The new CLM Act introduces substantial changes to ownership, use and indigenous management of Crown land in NSW.
By Kristan Conlon, Duncan Bedford, Marianne Lloyd-Morgan, Emile McPhee
Land tax is adjusted under your contract or lease, so review land tax in any adjustments clause or outgoings clause.
By Scarlet Reid, Jason Munstermann, Nathan Roberts, Rosemary Kanan
An employee could exercise a right to the common law privilege against self-incrimination in a workplace investigation.
By Cameron Dean, Scarlet Reid, Tom Reaburn, Liam Fraser, Nathan Roberts
Discussion about Bill introduced in Queensland to create a new independent resources industry regulator and prosecutor.
By David Gilham, Wei Lim, Kirby Jukes, Katy Anderson
Article discusses the Ipso Facto reforms and their effect one year after they took effect.
By Scarlet Reid, Jason Munstermann, Nathan Roberts, Rosemary Kanan
Informative article outlining the elements of a criminal offence and how a company can become guilty.
By Belinda Breakspear, Paul McLachlan, Jake Grant, Hannah Fas
New Guidelines aim to support IP rights holders and legal and business advisers in the transition to the new framework.
By Scarlet Reid, Jason Munstermann, Nathan Roberts, Rosemary Kanan
Article summarises and explains civil proceedings, civil penalty proceedings and criminal prosecutions.
By Duncan Bedford, Catherine Nufer-Barr
Any contract or lease for property in Queensland should appropriately address this increased liability for land tax.
By Scarlet Reid, Jason Munstermann, Chris Nielsen, Nathan Roberts, Rosemary Kanan, Michaela Garcia
This Glencore decision is a useful commentary on the history and public policy underpinning legal professional privilege.
By Troy Webb, Patrick O’Brien
Article discusses the 1st case involving an extension application & what can be learnt from it.
By Brad Russell, Stephen White
Australian D&O insurers continue to tread cautiously after securities class actions and more significant claims activity.
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