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By Stephen Spina, Levi McAllister, Arjun Ramadevanahalli
Last week, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued its long-awaited final rule that aims to remove barriers to electric storage resource participation and enhance competition in regional transmission organization and independent system operator markets.
By Susan Feigin Harris, Kathleen Rubinstein, Timothy Lynch
While the president's budget proposal for fiscal year 2019 reflects the administration's aspirational policy priorities ...
By Justin Cupples, Daniel Dixon, Ester Lee
Remote sellers, marketplace facilitators, and referrers facilitating, making, or referring sales to Pennsylvania customers are required to make an election to either register to collect and remit sales tax or ...
By A. James Vázquez-Azpiri
The US Department of State has released its March 2018 Visa Bulletin setting out per-country priority date cutoffs that regulate immigrant visa availability and the flow of status adjustments ...
By Douglas Schwarz, Daniel A. Kadish, Kimberley E. Lunetta
Effective July 18, 2018, employers and operators of public accommodations and all housing in New York City must engage in a cooperative dialogue ...
By Mark Krotoski, Richard G.S. Lee
The US Department of Justice's Antitrust Division will soon announce its first criminal charges involving "no poaching" agreements ...
By Glen Stuart, William Zimmerman, Frances Emmeline Babb, Thomas Linthorst, Sheri A. Dillon, Steven Johnson
Recent US tax reform legislation P.L. 115-97, commonly known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, made sweeping changes to when and how a taxpayer will be able to deduct payments made to settle claims ...
By Phoebe Mounts, Jacqueline Berman
The US Food and Drug Administration has updated its Information Sheet on payments to clinical trial subjects, including travel reimbursements ...
By J. Daniel Skees, Arjun Ramadevanahalli
At today's open meeting, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) proposed to approve new Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Reliability Standards ...
By J. Daniel Skees, Serge Agbre
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued an order on January 18 approving four Emergency Operations (EOP) reliability standards ...
By Harry T. Robins, David Brenneman, M. Luisa Di Lauro
Transactions closing toward the end of February will be subject to increased HSR Act jurisdictional and filing fee thresholds as announced by the US Federal Trade Commission.
By Sariyah Buchanan, Vivian McCardell, Michael Richman, Lindsay Jackson, Daniel Kleinman
The Internal Revenue Service confirms in writing that recharacterizing 2017 Roth IRA conversions will be permitted until October 15, 2018.
By Gregory Parks, Anne Marie Estevez
Many retailers with gift card programs have faced or may someday face a lengthy and onerous unclaimed property audit by a state government, even if the gift card balances are not escheatable to that state.
By Sheila A. Armstrong, Stephen Ruscus, Katelyn Hilferty
Under the US General Services Administration's final rule, agencies may add nonschedule Order-Level Materials of up to one-third of the order value acquired ...
By Duke McCall, III, Adam J. Adler, Douglas Hastings
The decision could delay the resolution of challenges to the US Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Water Act regulations and may result in conflicting interpretations from different federal district courts.
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