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By Jennifer Costin
It seems that everywhere we look these days, sexual harassment is on the radar – whether in Hollywood, the CBC or in our own workplaces.
By Mary Lou Brady
In March 2017, the federal government announced its intention to extend employment insurance parental benefits to 18 months.
By Christopher Sinal
Recently, the federal government released the results of a year-long series of consultations with unions, employer organizations...
By Paula Lombardi
On October 26, 2017 Orgaworld Canada Ltd. was convicted of nine (9) offences under the Environmental Protection Act and fined $900,000 plus the 25% victim fine surcharge.
By Amanda Shaw
As the end of the year approaches, and with it the deadline for many businesses to file their Accessibility Compliance Report, it seems as good a time as any to review the AODA and...
By Jane Sadler Richards
Matters involving environmental litigation often take years to resolve. Some of this time may be used by environmental experts who strive to understand relevant environmental impacts...
By Paula Lombardi
On October 5, 2017 Teck Coal Limited ("Teck") in British Columbia court pled guilty to three counts of contravening the Fisheries Act for discharging a deleterious substance, namely selenium...
By Paula Lombardi
On September 7, 2017 a Kitchener company pled guilty and was fined $265,000 for two counts of contravening the Ozone-Depleting Substances Regulations...
By Jane Sadler Richards
Often I walk to the back of our farm and stop at the river that flows through our property to enjoy the sound of the rapids.
By Kirsten Mikadze
A recent study has highlighted again concerns over the near-ubiquitous presence of microplastics in our water.
By Paula Lombardi
On May 27, 2014 two Ministry Officers attended the property as part of the Ministry's inspection program.
By Kirsten Mikadze
Municipalities are starting to focus on finding ways to reduce the pollution, traffic congestion, and other urban issues caused by an overabundance of cars on municipal streets.
By Kirsten Mikadze
It's not often that the worlds of reality television and environmental regulatory enforcement collide.
By Elizabeth Traynor
It's not news to readers of this blog that proving just cause for the dismissal of an employee is a high hurdle.
By Paula Lombardi
On August 16, 2017, Dalex Canada, pled guilty to one count of contravening the Tetrachloroethylene (Use in Dry Cleaning and Reporting Requirements) Regulations...
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