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By Mini Raman
The Draft Framework sets out the eligibility criteria for start –ups seeking to be part of the RS.
By Rebecca Mathai
This is not the first time that these pharma giants have tried hindering the process of generic drug development.
By Swati Gupta
For there to be an effective examination of patent applications, there is a duty of disclosure in various jurisdictions.
By LexOrbis  
In today's world, where the role of electronic media is rampant, advertising is a major tool to reach the masses.
By LexOrbis  
Manisha Singh speaks to the Lawyer Monthly magazine about how robust the Indian IP space is and how best businesses can enforce their IP assets;
By Omesh Puri
The division bench of Delhi High Court, in its judgment dated 24 January 2019, upheld the single judge's order refusing interim injunctions against the use of similar designs of Crocs footwear.
By Shivani Srivastava
Patents are considered to be major sources of technological and competitive information.
By Vijaya Choudhary
In response to such notification, over 450 applications were received from various stakeholders.
By Sanjeeta Das
It is said that the like-minded people think alike and hence we see different people from various backgrounds coming together to build business, industry, relationships, empires, companies and so on.
By Omesh Puri
The definition of design as mentioned in the Indian Designs Act specifically excludes trademark and relying on this exclusion, the Delhi High Court in a passing off suit filed by Crocs agreed with the prohibition contained in ...
By Harshada Wadkar
The debate over single colour trademark protection saw some interesting developments this year.
By LexOrbis  
It is an undeniable fact that the worldwide reserves of conventional oil and gas have been depleting rapidly.
By LexOrbis  
What is the first scene that comes up when a Tom & Jerry episode is about to begin? The Lion's Roar.
By Abhai Pandey, Rajeev Kumar
The requirement for filing a "proof of right" with Indian patent applications is debated from time to time and patent controllers have taken different views on it.
By Sagarika Kapur
Plaintiff runs several schools including pre-schools, primary schools, middle schools and high schools across INDIA.
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