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By Tony Mitchell
There are important laws governing investment in Australia by a foreign resident, including what is a "foreign person".
By Geoff Baldwin
The company claimed that his Facebook posts breached its social media policy and reflected adversely on its reputation.
By Grant Avery
The employee claimed her employer was negligent by structuring the work in a way that exposed her to the risk of injury.
By John Gooley
The Federal government may seek to overturn conflicting ACT laws, as Commonwealth law prohibits possession of cannabis.
By Tony Mitchell
This new legislation allows people to add to their super balance by selling their home once they near retirement age.
By Michael McHugh
The new regulations governing short term letting in NSW clarify the law and will develop a mandatory code of conduct.
By George Koimanos
Interesting case involving a dispute between chairperson of strata committee & tenant in the same building.
By Tony Mitchell
Before applying for a trademark seek expert legal advice, as IP challenges can be very costly and time-consuming.
By Jatinder Singh
Article discusses case in which there was a dispute over the date on which statutory demand was served.
By John Gooley
With the increased focus on roadside drug testing of drivers, prescription drug takers should carry a letter from their doctor.
By Nathan Luke
Employers urged to seek legal advice before making statements about former employees.
By Zohra Ali
Interesting phishing scam case. Article delves into these scams, ePayments code & contains links to resources about scams.
By Peter Schmidt
Criminal lawyer convicted of supplying drugs, pleads guilty and appeals harsh judgement. What happened next?
By Anneka Frayne
Companion animals are legally regarded as property. Article discusses what this means for dog owners.
By Tony Mitchell
A taxpayer is liable for the interest charges on their tax bill despite a letter from the ATO stating the opposite.
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