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By Peter Stokes, Liam Davis, Dominic McGann, Claire Meiklejohn, Alyce Nielsen
What you need to know & do about the new mining rehabilitation requirements.
Article briefly sets out guidelines for the progressive rehabilitation & closure plans & schedules under the EPA 1994 (Qld).
By Reece Walker, Ben Wood, Tim Wiedman, Trudi Procter, Kathryn Morgan, Eloise Jolly
Bill encourages fintech innovation by reducing hurdles to early stage fintech companies bringing their products to market.
By Michael Moy, Scarlet Reid, Cameron Dean, Tim Longwill
FWC endorsed approach taken by HR Department to dismiss an employee who could not perform the inherent requirements of her role.
By David Gilham, Wei Lim, Kirby Jukes, Katy Anderson
Financiers should treat any request from a developer to relax any of these protections and safeguards with caution.
By Guy Humble, Tim Case, Jennie-Lee Schloffer
Businesses must minimise opportunities for internal fraud by planning to manage any suspicions or allegations of fraud.
By Russell Thirgood, Erika Williams, Jemma Keys
This is the first time that a party has sought the recognition and enforcement of an ICSID award in Australian courts.
By Jake Grant
Article encourages universities & industry partners to engage in proactive preparation & comprehensive market research.
By Reece Walker, Ben Wood, Naomi Omundson, Eloise Jolly
This increased participation limit by ASIC is intended to assist retail investors take part in discounted fundraisings.
By Tim Case, Alan Wrigley
Discussion about fundamental principles relating to waiver of legal professional privilege & the different ways it can be lost.
By Scarlet Reid, Jason Munstermann, Nathan Roberts, Rosemary Kanan
The decision to ‘stay silent' should be made within the context of a broader and ongoing relationship with regulators.
By Russell Thirgood, Erika Williams, Hannah Fas
Article provides an update with on the Donaco proceedings which continue to suffer lengthy delays.
By Belinda Breakspear, Matthew McMillan, Paul McLachlan, Jake Grant, Hannah Fas
Inadequate disclosure by franchisors is one of the two most frequent compliance issues reported to the ACCC each year.
By Scarlet Reid, Nathan Roberts
An officer of the council is required to take reasonable steps to ensure their council is complying with its own duty.
By Patrick Holland, Kate Swain, Elizabeth Ryan, Rebecca Stokes
These changes aim to strengthen the purchasing power of NSW councils when negotiating contracts and competing for work.
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