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By Belinda Winter
WorkSafe has announced that it would accept Woolworths' bid to enter an Enforceable Undertaking in lieu of prosecution.
By Tony Park
Proposals to extend WCRA coverage to the 'gig' economy and to taxi/limousine industries are being considered further.
By Brady Cockburn
An employer was found liable for the deliberate actions of a manager, who verbally and physically bullied the plaintiff.
By Belinda Winter
Large Australian entities or large 'entities that carry on business in Australia' must submit a modern slavery report.
By Tony Park
The case highlights the importance of documenting OHS complaints and thoroughly investigating accidents as they occur.
By Belinda Winter
The Northern Territory government proposed the introduction of two new offences, to be called 'industrial manslaughter'.
By David Grace
The laws give buyers greater protections when purchasing older vehicles and allow easier enforcement of consumer rights.
By Tony Park
NSW Court of Appeal increases a contributory negligence finding because of the grossly excessive speed of the plaintiff.
By Leanne O’Neill
Receivers, administrators and liquidators must ensure they meet their environmental responsibilities to avoid a penalty.
By Justine Woods
It is vital to be aware of the risks & to understand what you can & cannot legally do regarding secretly recording others.
By Charles Sweeney
Any organisation meeting the definition of Trading or Financial Corporation must comply with the new whistleblower regime.
By Genevieve Dee
The documents you need to file will vary depending on whether you are asking the court to make parenting or property orders.
By Sam Adams
Interesting article discussing biometric tracking data, how it is collected, who owns it, how it can be used etc
By Fletch Heinemann
As this recent AAT decision highlights, the taxpayer must provide evidence to prove that a section 99B exclusion applies.
By Genevieve Dee
An imminent inheritance will be, more often than not, relevant to property settlement matters.
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