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By Eleanor Davies
A recent plea by the Jersey Court of Appeal for greater certainty in the Jersey law of contract has highlighted differences of opinion amongst the judiciary and the need for a way forward.
By James Sheedy, Aaron Mayers
The recent Guernsey case of Rusnano Capital AG (in liquidation) v Molard International (PTC) Limited and Pullborough International Corp [2019] GRC011 has, for the first time,
By William Redgrave, Lynne Gregory
The Royal Court has recently handed down its judgment in the first judicial review of a decision of the Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman ("CIFO") Future Finance Limited v Channel Islands
By Charles Sorensen, James Sheedy
This is the second of two articles on disclosure in civil proceedings in Jersey. The first can be found here.
By Baker & Partners
An ex parte application places a weighty burden upon the court hearing it. This is why the applicant has a duty to make full and frank disclosure of material which both assists and/or hinders their case.
By Clara Hamon
The Kenya agreement is an encouraging example of such fruits being returned to their rightful owners.
By Amita Chohan
Litigation privilege is an auxiliary principle that buttresses the constitutional right of access to justice and should be kept within justifiable bounds. Without litigation privilege
By James Sheedy
In In the Matter of the C Trust [2018] JCA 219 (the ‘Trust') the Jersey Court of Appeal has, for the first time, considered and given guidance on the principles governing the remedy of rectification.
By Baker & Partners
This is the first of two short articles on four aspects of disclosure in civil proceedings in Jersey. The first focuses on the differences between pre-action and post-judgment disclosure...
By Clara Hamon
It is important not to be put off by the size of the task and the sheer volume of material.
By William Redgrave
You provide goods or services to a company, but the company is unable to pay. You know that the person behind the company, who received the benefit of the contract, has the money to pay – and that he is responsible for the company being insolvent.
By Baker & Partners
The Trust has only one material asset.
By Aaron Mayers
In recent years, legal professional privilege has been the subject of many high profile appeals. Cases such as Bilta v RBS and Three Rivers (No 4) demonstrate the extent to which the position on what constitutes ...
By Baker & Partners
Addition of James Corbett QC represents significant expansion of the firm's global offshore disputes practice
By Phillip Brown
A recent judgment[1] of the Royal Court casts light on the Island's conviction-based confiscation regime at a time when the States of Jersey is busy sharpening the claws of Jersey's investigatory...