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By Philipp Werner
The notion of "undertaking in difficulty" is a key element in State aid law because undertakings in difficulty can receive State aid only under the restrictive conditions for so-called rescue and...
By Christian Damon
The ITC recently continued its trend of giving little deference to parallel PTAB IPR proceedings.
By Gregory Castanias
On July 20, SAS Institute, Inc., represented by Jones Day, filed its opening brief in the Supreme Court.
By Alexis Gilroy, Claire Castles, Megan Webb
As Jones Day analyzed last month, the government has increased scrutiny of Medicare incentive payments for meaningful use of EHR technology.
By Jeffrey Jones, Robert Kantner, Charles Moellenberg Jr., Paul Rafferty, Ira Karoll, David Ledet
The full Committee has not yet scheduled a hearing on the bill, but has indicated that it is open to suggestions.
By Achim Brinker, Cary Miller Ph.D.
In orders entered July 10 and 12, 2017, the PTAB instituted further inter partes review (IPR) of six Allergan Inc. ("Allergan") patents relating to cyclosporine compositions.
By Jones Day's ITC Team
A recent ITC enforcement decision highlights the importance of redesigns as an effective strategy for Respondents at the ITC.
By David Wales, Kenneth Field, Michael Gleason
Both matters demonstrate that the failing firm defense is a high bar to meet.
By Lisa Ledbetter, C. Hunter Wiggins, Colin C. Richard
A final rule recently issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau bars banks and other covered companies from attempting to avoid consumer class actions by using arbitration clauses...
By David Woodcock, Henry Klehm III, Joan McKown, Laura Jane Durfee, Anand Varadarajan
Under the new administration, signs seem to point to a more favorable regulatory environment and possibly more balanced enforcement actions from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
By John Evans, John Froemming
In the wake of the high-profile dispute in Apple v. Samsung, design patent procurement and enforcement activity has increased significantly.
By Jeffery C. Giering, Carl Kukkonen III
In an order entered June 30, 2017, the PTAB denied a motion by counsel for patent owner Purple Leaf, LLC to withdraw from representation in a trio of IPRs (IPR2016-01720, IPR2016-01721, and IPR2016-01722).
By Thomas Bouvet, Isabelle Bertaux
In France, actions for patent revocation are subject to strict rules regarding interest to sue and to a five-year statute of limitation.
By Olga Bezzubova, Diana Leguizamón-Morales, John Podtetenieff
In late 2016, an Interpretive Notice by the European Commission stated that products produced by essentially biological processes should not be patentable.
By Shay Dvoretzky, Benjamin M. Flowers
This Jones Day White Paper reviews the Court's most relevant decisions of the 2016–2017 Term and analyzes their possible effects on the business community.
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