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By Aaron Atcheson, Bryan Smits, Danielle Parry, Julia Zanetti
In July of this year, a fine of $2.7 million was levied against Kirby Offshore Marine Operating LLC following its guilty plea for violations of the Fisheries Act involving a spill of diesel fuel and lubricants ...
By Bruno Caron
On August 1, 2019, staff of the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) issued a public notice on the principles and rules governing the disclosure of information concerning climate change-related risks ...
By Greg Bush, Michael Cleveland
In advance of the federal election on October 21, 2019, employers are reminded of their obligation to provide employees with time off to vote on polling day.
By Andrew Valentine
There are many types of member-based organizations. These include trade and industry associations, community associations, lobbying groups, as well as non-profit social and athletic clubs.
By Mabel Kyei, Jaclyne Reive
The Ontario government has introduced changes to the Ontario Immigration Act, 2015 to include a new immigration stream for transport truck drivers, in which individuals intending to work in this occupation and live in Ontario ...
By Jean Bernard Ricard
With the 2019 rebound in the price of Bitcoin and the hearings surrounding Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency project, there's a lot of renewed buzz around digital assets.
By Evan Campbell, Andrea Speer
Shortly after the Inquiry was published, the Ministry of Labour released a guide addressing the prevention of workplace violence in the health care sector.
By Katie Comley
The end of summer and return of many Canadians to their regular work and school routines reminds us of the challenge of balancing work and family.
By Nicole D'Aoust
Charities enter regularly into gift agreements with donors who wish to establish or make contributions to endowment funds.
By Jordyn Allan, Nicole D'Aoust
This particular case involved a religious organization with activities in Canada and overseas.
By Hugh R. Dyer, Michael Cleveland
The every-day functioning of Canada's supply chains depends upon predictability and flexibility.
By Hugh R. Dyer, Michael Cleveland
In relation to our recent Communiqué on the subject, employers in the transportation industry should take particular notice of 802-1-IPG-101.
By Jaclyne Reive
On July 15, 2019, Canada's new Air Passenger Protection Regulations came into force in part, with the second phase of rights scheduled to come into effect on December 15, 2019.
By Karen Durell
Over the past several months, many of the Canadian intellectual property laws have been amended to comply with international treaties.
By Karen Durell
For several years, Canadian legislators have been engaged in a project to modernize Canadian intellectual property laws and ensure compliance with Canada's treaty obligations.
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