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By Ady Nordman
To celebrate 20 years since the foundation of Soroker Agmon Nordman we are proud to present the second in a series of short videos showcasing our work.
By Robert Dorneanu
Being an avid soccer fan, I attend many games – too many to count or to admit to! At times I find myself in photos in Sports websites following the game, and the question arises: Who owns the rights to these photos?
By Safi Riba
Here are some highlights of my methodology when approaching cases that require special efforts and tools to uncover concealed assets upon the non-amicable termination and distribution of joint assets ...
Take Christian Louboutin, in 1993 he revolutionized the shoe industry when he applied RED nail polish to the soles of stiletto.
By Eran Soroker
This is our Head Office in Israel, we won best-designed offices in 2016.
By Eran Soroker
Background: We, at Soroker Agmon Nordman, Advocates & Patent Attorneys represent Je Woo Corporation Ltd, a manufacturer of lighting products, based in China.
By Eran Soroker
The trademark BIO-SPA was registered in Israel in May 2015.
By Eran Soroker
To celebrate 20 years since the foundation of Soroker Agmon Nordman we are proud to present the first in a series of short videos showcasing our work
By Eran Soroker
The similarity between the original Kangaro products and the infringing goods was striking, to say the least.
By Eran Soroker
Further, the Court concluded that the balance of convenience is against granting the requested temporary injunction.
By Eran Soroker
Trademark applications by two parties to register the trademark"Top Ichilo" are the subject of this lengthy proceeding initiated by the Israeli Trademark Office.
By Eran Soroker
Under Israeli law, a trademark may not be registered if it does not distinguish the goods or services marketed under it.
By Eran Soroker
Christian Louboutin's famous red sole was at the center of a lawsuit filed by Soroker Agmon Nordman earlier this year.
By Eran Soroker
According to Israeli case law, Israeli courts usually cancel Judgments granted by default.
By Jonathan Agmon
It simplifies the choice for consumers.