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By Arias Law
The Governmental Agreement number 10-2017 the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Republic of Guatemala authorized the Agreement number 1377 of the Board of Directors of the Guatemalan Institute for Social Security . . .
By F. Armando Arias
In El Salvador there is an urgent need for a Fiscal Pact. It is great news that the government, opposition parties and civil society have entered into dialogue to achieve this pact, . . .
By Arias Law
On April 25th of this year, the Legislative Assembly approved the Transitory Provision for the Regularization of Activities established in the first paragraph of Article 5 of the Regulatory Law of Deposit...
By Arias Law
Law 21 of May 10th, 2017 establishes dispositions for the regulation and supervision of trustees and the trust business and issues other provisions that modify articles of the Fiscal Code, Law 47 of 2013...
By Adriana L. Fernandez Cabrera
Under the compliance umbrella, anticorruption, trade, antitrust, anti-bribery, data privacy, and antimoney laundering are only a few examples of the areas being covered.
By Arias Law
By the Decree number 5-2017 the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala approved the animal protection and welfare law; whereas such protection and welfare is of public and social interest.
By Arias Law
On March 16th, 2017, Congress gave the final approval to Bill 19.818: "Legal Entities Law".
By Arias Law
The Ministry of Public Finance published the Governmental Agreement number 82-2017, which states that the President of the Republic of Guatemala has granted to taxpayers and to responsible people...
By Arias Law
The Board of Directors of the Social Security Institute of the Republic of Guatemala approved the Agreement Number 1390, which was published in the Official Newspaper on January 2nd, 2017; and came into force since January 10, 2017.
By Arias Law
An increase to the employer's contribution to finance the social benefits granted by the Institute of Social Security (INSS), came into effect since January, 2017.
By Arias Law
The National Public Services Authority has restated to all cellular operators that must eliminate unwanted commercial and promotional text messages received by Panama users, as this could violate the right to privacy.
By Arias Law
The new Tax Code (Decree No. 170-2016), which entered into force on January 1, 2017, grants exoneration for taxpayers to comply with their formal or material tax obligations.
By Arias Law
Communications firm Attitude Consulting, released in January 2017, the results of a study developed among several Latin-American law firms with the purpose if determining the best countries in the region to invest.
By Anna Karina Jiménez, Daniel Rodríguez Sandí
Employers should be aware that, in Costa Rica, October 12, is "Cultures Day". However, our Labor Code considers this both a "Holiday of Non-Compulsory Payment" and the only public holiday that must be deferred to the Monday of the following week when it falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.