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By Johan Terblanche, Jevgeniy Nesch, Michelle Barry, Philippe Burgener
On 10 April 2019, Luxembourg's financial regulator, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (the "CSSF"), published CSSF circular 19/716 (the "Circular")
By Abali Hoilett, William Shaw
A recent SEC action against a US investment advisor for manipulating an auction of commercial real estate assets on behalf of one client at the expense of another highlights
By Emma Conaty, Erin Meehan
On 4 February the Central Bank of Ireland ("CBI") issued its 31st Edition of AIFMD Q&A, which includes a new Q&A at ID 1129 on Irish QIAIFs with UK AIFMs.
By Richard May, Philip Ireland, Matthew Gilbert, Chris Newton, Matthew Roberts, Michael Gagie, Ruairi Bourke, Richard Spooner
On 28 December 2018, the British Virgin Islands published The Economic Substance Act, 2018 which came into effect on 1 January 2019 and was further amended on 30 January 2019 (the "Economic Substance Act").
By Karen Killalea
The Workplace Relations Commission ("WRC") has published its Annual Report for 2018.
By Nicolas Butcher
In the April issue of Business Plus magazine, Managing Partner in our Dublin office, Nicholas Butcher,
By Donna Ager, Mary O'Neill, Andrew Lawless
Since 2012, greenhouse gas emissions from all flights operating in the European Economic Area ("EEA") (domestic and international) have been subject to EU rules
By Emma Conaty, Stephen Reilly, Fiona Allen, Gita Karpaviciute
Changes to the Swiss regulations on the obligations of foreign and domestic distributors of investment funds are on the horizon.
By Mary Dunne
Liquefied natural gas (‘LNG') is natural gas that has been converted to liquid by being cooled to −162°C to remove certain impurities and allow for ease of storage or transport.
By Christopher Capewell, Tim Dawson, Tim Frawley, Patrick Head, Martin Livingston, Hugo Lodge, Harjit Kaur, Anna Whaley, Brandon Doffing
The Cayman Islands Department for International Tax Cooperation ("DITC") issued an advisory[1] on 9 April 2019.
By William Fogarty
The announcement by Green REIT plc ("Green REIT") that it has initiated a process for the sale of the company, or its portfolio of assets, will attract interest from investors across Europe and the globe.
By Edward Miller, Stephen Carty, Stephen McLoughlin, Patrick Quinlan, Donna Ager, John Gallagher, John Breslin, Stephen O'Donnell, Dearbhla Kelly, Julian Dunphy
Since 15 November 2016, companies, ICAVs and most other legal entities incorporated in Ireland [1] ("relevant entities") have been obliged to obtain and maintain up-to-date information
By Guy Major, Peter Lundin, Andrew Dean, Carrie Bunton
With the dawn of the credit crisis now a decade behind us, Guy Major, Global Head of Fiduciary, sat down with some of the senior directors in the Maples Group's fiduciary services team ...
By Edward L. Truitt Jr., James Lawler
Recent changes to US tax legislation regarding the audit process for partnerships have important implications for CLO managers ...
By Karen Killalea
The Gender Pay Gap Information Bill has been published. Businesses employing 250 people or more are advised to start examining whether they are ready and able to:
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