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By Jason Lambeth
Companies should stay aware of any potential changes to s 254T to ensure they are compliant with any dividend payments.
By Wyn Davies
The NSW Tribunal (NCAT) recently ruled that an owners corporation's by-law prohibiting short-term letting was invalid.
By Garry Nutt
These proposed amendments aim to improve compensation for workers' dependants under the WA workers compensation scheme.
By Wyn Davies
The road to registration hasn't been so sweet, with IP Australia finding that the trade mark was too descriptive.
By Roland Hassall
Failure to properly draft an employment restraint of trade clause can render the clause void and unenforceable.
By Garry Nutt
The changes will ensure Western Australia has codes in place consistent with other workers' compensation jurisdictions.
By Grant Parker
This issue deals with cyber-breaches, data security, workplace grievances and other legal topics affecting universities.
By Sam Jackson
These changes clarify the operation of existing provisions and set out requirements for incident management in general.
By Rossana Parmegiani
A string of successful prosecutions by the Food Authority should alert businesses to comply with food safety obligations.
By Kevin Bartlett
Australian courts may give consideration to the decision, but an international treaty does not automatically have force.
By Matthew Smith
The offence, originally to come into effect from 1 July 2018, will now apply from the date of assent of the amended Bill.
By Roland Hassall
The validity of a FWC decision to cut penalty rates and holiday pay across a number of modern awards has been confirmed.
By Dan Decleva
A worker's PIAWE is calculated from 12 months before the date of injury rather than from 12 months before incapacity.
By Dan Decleva
A high level of forensic investigation should be undertaken before making the workers' compensation claim.
By James Johnson
This update looks at the latest legal developments affecting self-insurers and claims agents in Victoria.
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