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By Joan Young, Rosie R.S. Schlagintweit (Articled Student)
The ACMPR sets out the licensing regime for medical marijuana production.
By Kailey Sutton, Nicole Rozario, Melanie Paradis, Christopher Tworzyanski
In an unprecedented decision released on September 10, 2018, Superior Court Justice Edward Belobaba made a finding of unconstitutionality and struck down the provisions of the provincial Better Local Government Act, 2018.
By Carol Lyons, Darcy Ammerman, Sophie Papineau-Wolff (Articling Student)
As a result, the Financial Sector Reform Act is a watered-down version of the initially announced reform.
By Carol Lyons, Darcy Ammerman, Christopher Tworzyanski
Pursuant to the Acts, the stated capital of an FRFI may be reduced by special resolution so long as certain conditions are complied with.
By Laura Brazil
The legalization of recreational cannabis this October raises significant safety concerns for contractors. Legalization will bring easier access to cannabis and end the social stigma of using an illegal drug.
By Marina Tran
On August 15, 2018, the Canadian Securities Administrators announced in Multilateral CSA Notice 32-302 Notice of Revocation for Certain Local Orders Providing Registration Exemption for Trades in Connections with Certain Prospectus-Exempt Distributions and Update on BC Instrument 32-517 Exemption from Dealer Registration Requirement for Trades in Securities ...
By Mitch Koczerginski
Recent case law from Ontario confirms that a party seeking to rely on parts of an otherwise privileged document cannot simultaneously claim privilege over the same document.
By Paul D. Barbeau, Jason Haley, Cameron F. Schepp
The Alberta Securities Commission ("ASC") has updated ASC Rule 72-501 Distributions to Purchasers Outside Alberta (the "New Rule") and its related companion policy to facilitate cross-border investment...
By N. David McInnes, Hilary D. Henley
A recent decision of the British Columbia Court of Appeal[1] serves as an important reminder to employers that termination obligations, even for very short-term employees, can be significant.
By Jason Haley
Cash flows primarily derived from the main revenue-producing activities of an issuer should be classified as from operating activities.
By Damon Chisholm, Dharam Dhillon
In June 2018, the British Columbia provincial government (the "Government") published a white paper describing its proposed Land Ownership Transparency Act (the "Act").
By Jamie Wilks
In the February 27, 2018 Budget, the Federal Government announced that it "intends to clarify which expenses for the parent corporation that are in respect of shares or indebtedness of a related ..."
By Mary Flynn-Guglietti, Kailey Sutton, Maressa Singh
As we reported in a bulletin released on Friday, July 27th, Premier Doug Ford has announced that his government will be significantly reducing the number of wards in the City of Toronto, with new ward boundaries ...
By Mary Flynn-Guglietti, Kailey Sutton
The newly elected Ontario Premier Doug Ford is drawing new lines – literally. Premier Ford's announcement to cut city-council positions from 47 to 25 was made just hours before the municipal election deadline ..
By Guy Pinsonnault, Jamieson Virgin
With the growing sophistication and globalization of corporations, countries are increasingly looking for new methods to combat and prosecute corporate crime.
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