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By Tal Williams
Australian organisations can learn from these cases, because our privacy legislation and GDPR requirements are similar.
By Tal Williams
The lesson to take from statistics about mandatory data breach reporting is that staff are still key to data security.
By Corinne Attard
The judge stated that the standard financial statements for the fund were not sufficient for franchising code purposes.
By Natasha Miller
The Supreme Court has clarified a contentious issue in Section 73 of the MACA, which relates to the late making of claims.
By Grace Gunn
Does an employer have rights over connections made during the employment period, or do they belong to the employee?
By Ethan Brawn
Article highlights key points from the guide that outlines duties of those who hire workers as well as those who host workers.
By Shane Roberts, Sam Marsh
Article provides a synopsis of the principles and details of the proposals contained in the Illegal Phoenixing Bill.
Chief Marketing Officer shares thoughts and experiences as to where Business Development is shifting to in law firms.
By Daniel Jepson
This case examined authorised use of a trade mark, in the context of a mark used by the parent but owned by a subsidiary.
By John Van De Poll, Charbel Trad
Leave may still be refused, despite satisfying the 'well settled criteria', if the court is provided sufficient reasons.
By Corinne Attard
The merger of Just Eat and creates one of the largest food delivery companies in the world outside of China.
By Jonathan Casson
Recent Royal Commissions have uncovered shocking examples of corrupt corporate cultures in many Australian organisations.
By Natasha Miller, Amber Burton
Parties must understand that if expert evidence is based too narrowly on a specific estimate, it is susceptible to attack.
By Peter Bennett
The final report recommended that the application of the unfair contract terms regime be extended to insurance contracts.
By Tal Williams
Corporate & Commercial partner Tal Williams recently discussed a range of issues surrounding payroll and data privacy.
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