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By Ben Berci
Audits and assessments undertaken by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that uncover errors or omissions by a taxpayer can lead to significant penalties.
By Kari Viglasky
There's a war for talent all over the world. Baby Boomers are rapidly retiring, and we have a severe labour shortage in Canada.
By Luc Joye
nter-generational farm transfers are common as succession plans.
By Collins Barrow National Cooperative Inc.
Is yours a mid-sized law firm newly embarking on a PR campaign? Where should you begin? Similar to the pretrial steps taken by parties to a litigation, a good place to start is with "discovery."
By Collins Barrow National Cooperative Inc.
Technological advancements and AI, or artificial intelligence, are affecting the business and legal worlds in increasing ways, challenging the tasks historically ruled by humans
By Michael Brown CPA CA, Sheldon Taylor
Although cryptocurrencies have existed since Bitcoin emerged in 2009, this medium of exchange has experienced a massive surge in popularity in recent months.
By Mario Patenaude, Tammie Sorensen
It is clear to business leaders, either motivated by profit or not, that government and its legislation will continue to make it increasingly challenging to run a profitable or financially viable not-for-profit venture.
By Sameer Noormohamed
On March 27, 2018, the Quebec budget introduced a specified registration system for Quebec Sales Tax (QST) purposes for non-resident suppliers that make taxable supplies...
By Tom Hunt
Ontario corporations are subject to a general corporate income tax rate of 26.5%
By Jamie Welsh
Growing public awareness with respect to blockchain technology has sparked interest from major governments, financial institutions and individuals around the world.
By Martha MacRae, Todd King
From a taxation perspective, the period from July 2017 to February 2018 has been one of the most tumultuous in recent history for Canadian private company owners.
By Sean Kelly, Jason Melo
Foreign companies, individuals and organizations who provide goods and services to customers in Canada should consider whether their business activities in Canada invoke a requirement to register for the GST/HST.
By John Oakey
If you listened closely on budget day, you could hear a sigh of relief across Canada after the federal government announced new rules on passive investment income
By Denver Nicklas
In Canada, qualified farmland can be transferred from one generation to the next for any dollar amount between cost and fair market value (FMV) at the time of the transfer.
By Collins Barrow National Cooperative Inc.
The Honourable Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance, today tabled his third budget – "Equality + Growth: A Strong Middle Class" – which supports the Government's people centered approach.
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