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By Ryan Kitchen
Most people in the farm industry know they can sell qualifying farm property as a sole proprietor or partnership and use their lifetime capital gains exemption to avoid paying tax on the sale.
By Peter Hobb
A common source of conflict in a family business is miscommunication.
By Michael Brown CPA CA
In recent years, digital currencies called "cryptocurrencies" have exploded in mainstream popularity.
By Marlin Miller
On Dec. 13, 2017, Finance Canada released Amendments to the Income Tax Act and Regulations and Explanatory Notes, simplifying measures to restrict income sprinkling.
By Bob Boser
If you sell property, you are required to report the sale in your tax return. However, if the property you sell is your principal residence, the gain you realize on the sale is not taxable ...
By Ryan Kitchen
When the federal budget was announced last March, many missed the announcement of a consultation program exploring whether or not the Canadian government should continue allowing farmers to defer grain income.
By Mario Patenaude
Human resources managers tend to be most concerned with acquiring staff, the exit of workers from the organization, training and development, the administration of pay plans, benefits and...
By Kevin Tippett
On November 2, 2017, the Ways and Means Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives released a tax reform bill entitled The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
By Guy Desmarais
The Department of Finance released its long-awaited proposed amendments to the tax on split income (TOSI) rules on December 13.
By Shelley Smith
If you have worked in both Canada and the United States or are contemplating a move to the U.S. after years of working in Canada (or vice versa) ...
By Ranjan Thiruchelvam
Historically, the Government of Canada has supported the agricultural sector with favourable rules in the Income Tax Act (the Act), among other strategies.
By Maxine Laforest, Caroline Morin, Julie Chrétien
In today's increasingly digital world, having tools and programs that are as advanced as those of the competition plays a critical role in the success of any business.
By Marlin Miller
On December 13, 2017, Amendments to the Income Tax Act and Regulations and Explanatory Notes to simplify measures to restrict income sprinkling were released by Finance Canada.
By Collins Barrow National Cooperative Inc.
Effective 1 January,2017, the income tax treatment of farm quota and other eligible capital property (ECP) underwent a complete overhaul. First announced in the 2016 Federal Budget, the ECP was formally replaced by capital cost allowance (CCA) class 14.1 on January 1, 2017. With many farmers and farm corporations' 2017 with fiscal year-ends now approaching, farmers should be aware of the implications of these changes to their businesses.
By Christin Giebelhaus
If you are a controller or CFO preparing your year-end financial statements for shareholders, regulators and lending institutions, there are several disclosure items you should carefully consider.
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