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By John Clifford, Sandra Sbrocchi
To help find a reasonable middle ground or to resolve a thorny point of negotiation in a share or asset purchase agreement...
By Leila Rafi, Michael Burns, Maria Valdivieso, Patrick Brosseau
However, both the certification requirements for the Report and the nature and quantity of information required to be included therein resulted in significant pushback from issuers...
By Kyle Lambert, George Waggott
The Court of Appeal for Ontario has affirmed an Ontario Superior Court trial decision which upheld an employee bonus limitation provision despite describing the limitation as "somewhat draconian.
By Dave McKechnie
Brake v. PJ-M2R Restaurant Inc. (2017 ONCA 402) is an important decision on employers' potential liability in wrongful dismissal actions.
By François Tougas, Lucia Stuhldreier, Ryan Gallagher
The Government of Canada's proposed "Transportation Modernization Act" (Bill C-49), upon which we have previously reported, would amend the service level arbitration ("SLA") provisions...
By W. Brad Hanna, FCIArb., Mitch Koczerginski
The Ontario Court of Appeal recently confirmed that the test for rescission under s. 6(2) of the Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000, S.O. 2000, c. 3 (the "AWA") (which permits a franchisee...
By Charlotte Conlin, Paul Davis, Geoff Moysa
On May 18, 2017, the Ontario Divisional Court, in a unanimous decision, set aside the decision of Justice Wilton-Siegel of the Ontario Superior Court in Koh v. Ellipsiz Communications Ltd.
By Ryan Black, Janine MacNeil, Sharon Groom, Lyndsay Wasser, Rohan Hill
Commonly known as Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation, "CASL" contains a controversial enforcement mechanism known as the "private right of action" that will allow a person to seek compensation...
By Kyle Lambert, Dave McKechnie
On June 1, 2017, Ontario's The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017 ("Act") received first reading.
By Gavyn Backus (Temporary Articled Student)
On May 31, 2017, Ontario Attorney-General Yasir Naqvi introduced Bill 142, entitled "Construction Lien Amendment Act, 2017".
By Natalie Cuthill, Maneesha Dakha
Telus Communications Inc. v Telecommunications Workers' Union[1] is an appeal of a British Columbia Supreme Court order quashing the decision of an arbitrator that upheld the Union's grievance ...
By Lyndsay Wasser
Regulation of data protection in the field of employment in Canada is becoming increasingly complex with workplace privacy involving a number of unique issues and challenges. In many cases, the amount and sensitivity of employee personal information handled by
By Melanie Harmer, Natalie Cuthill
All organizations operating in the private sector in British Columbia need to know their obligations under the Personal Information Protection Act, SBC 2003, c. 63 ("PIPA").
By Adam Chisholm, Sarah Kilpatrick, Peter Wells, C.S.
The "Make America Great Again" slogan is ubiquitous across the United States of America. There's no denying, regardless of your political affiliation, that President Donald Trump has built goodwill...
By George Waggott, Sandra Zhao
All employers operating in Ontario will want to pay close attention to a number of proposed changes to the director liability regime with respect to unpaid wages and vacation pay.
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