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Contributor Most Read
By Brendan Bateman
Notwithstanding Governor Brown's lament of the inadequacy of action on climate change, there remain many positive signs.
By Brendan Bateman
The broad reforms set out in this amendment bill will impact on all development applications and modifications in NSW.
By Brendan Bateman
At COP23 the parties to the Paris Agreement appear to be working towards writing the rule book for the Paris Agreement.
By Mary Still, Sumer Dayal
A prominent and clearly worded disclaimer in the advertisements could well protect against claims of ambush marketing.
By Margaret Michaels
NAIF makes its first Investment Decision, and has dozens of projects at varying stages of consideration in the pipeline.
By Richard Hoad, Kezia Adams
NSW businesses should review terms and conditions of their gift cards to ensure that they comply with these new laws.
By Lina Fischer, Stuart Cosgriff
A strong theme of the draft Greater Sydney Region Plan is better integrating urban planning and transport planning.
By Brendan Bateman, Dan Howard, Faith Taylor, Laura Waterford
The National Energy Guarantee will have far-reaching effects for all participants in the national electricity market.
By Jessica Keogh
Employers must review internal policies to ensure adequate procedures can manage any sexual harassment in the workplace.
By Nicole Besgrove, Margaret Michaels
These proposed amendments are a first step to rectify immediate shortfalls in relation to pastoral land in the Territory.
By Rebecca Davie, Claire Smith
These proposed reforms mean Construction and Demolition waste industry operators should review all internal process now.
By Brendan Bateman, Dan Howard, Faith Taylor, Laura Waterford
Australia's new energy policy, the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) is set to replace Finkel's Clean Energy Target.
By Narelle Smythe, Craig Hine
To comply with the best interests duty, financial services licensees must maintain adequate processes and controls.
By Nicole Besgrove, Margaret Michaels
The Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking) of NT onshore reserves has released an economic impact assessment.
By Kate McLean
A recipient of a clean-up notice should carefully review the notice for both liability and required remedial actions.
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