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Gowling WLG
By Roberto Aburto, Sarah Willis
When it comes to transgender employees in the workplace, should we rely on policies to dictate a firm's culture or vice versa? We sat down with Clare Fielding, a trans-person and partner at Town Legal LLP...
By Magdelana Hanebach, Joseph McDonald, Paul M. Murphy
In the past decade, cutbacks, the disposition of the Government of Canada's nuclear assets, and privatization of government owned-nuclear companies, as well as the absence of a clear...
By Patrick Arben
Cyber security is certainly a digital risk that is 'of the moment' as recent headline attacks have helped to highlight the issue and bring it to the fore.
By Susannah Fink, Samantha Holland
Under the Third Party (Rights Against Insurers) Act 2010 (and the Third Party (Rights against Insurers) Act 1930 for liabilities and insolvency events occurring before 1 August 2016) ...
By Gowling WLG
Earlier this week, the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) of Singapore issued new draft privacy guidelines (Proposed Advisory Guidelines on the Personal Data Protection Act for NRIC numbers) ...
By Connie Cliff, Jane Fielding
The EAT has upheld the tribunal's high profile decision that drivers engaged by Uber are not self-employed, but instead are 'workers' legally entitled to the national minimum wage, paid annual leave...
By Melissa Tehrani
Will that serum make my skin glow, too? Is [influencer] being paid to post that? Is that a genuine customer review?
By René Bissonnette
As we previously reported, the Healthy Menu Choices Act, 2015 came into force on January 1, 2017.
By Ronald Doering
For reasons of trade, consumer protection and public health, the food industry is one of the most highly regulated in the country.
By Danhoe Reddy-Girard
France's anti-bribery act, also called Loi Sapin 2, requires certain French companies to take a number of actions before the end of the year.
By John Coldham
Welcome to this our fifth annual event as part of the London Design Festival.
By Joëlle Boisvert
On Sept. 20, our arbitration experts held a seminar in Montréal to share their opinions on the latest developments and opportunities in the world of arbitration:
By Elaine Hiles, Ruth Ormston
It is a legal requirement that basic information about pension rights is included in their terms and conditions.
By Elaine Hiles, Ruth Ormston
An employer is required to give an employee a written statement of their 'particulars of employment' containing certain key pieces of information that are set out in statute.
By Rocio De La Cruz, Sally Mewies
Sally Mewies talks to Rocio De La Cruz about what to look at regarding GDPR before the New Year.
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