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By Stella Koukounis
There are many reasons why Cyprus courts refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of limited liability companies.
By Stella Koukounis
On September 23, 2016 Law 97(I)/2016 – the third amendment to the Companies Law (Cap 113) – took effect.
By Stella Koukounis
Shareholders' excitement over a new joint venture can be overshadowed when issues concerning the available options for exit from the investment arise for discussion.
By Stella Koukounis, George Vrikis
Cyprus companies' law may have been recently modernised with the latest amendment passed just a year ago, but it is still a long way away from offering a codification of directors' duties.
By Stella Koukounis
Further to the lengthy consultation between the competent authorities, the Cyprus partnership law has finally been amended by Law No.144(I)/2015 introducing the long awaited Partnership Limited by Shares ("LPS").
By Stella Koukounis
Intangible assets are steadily becoming the most valuable assets of an organisation, often accounting for over 60% of a company's value.
By Stella Koukounis
Following Cyprus' accession to OECD's Common Reporting Standard on 29th October 2014, in an attempt to combat tax evasion and promote transparency, the practical implementation of automatic exchange of financial information is now a reality.
By Stella Koukounis
Three giant telecommunication companies set a new record of patent applications filed with the WIPO in 2014.
By Stella Koukounis
As the year comes to an end, the Cyprus Parliament in its last session before the holidays passed a series of tax updates attempting once again a balancing act between flexibility and tax transparency.