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By Elizabeth Espín Stern, Paul W. Virtue, Grace Shie
On Wednesday, April 25, 2018, the US Supreme Court will hear argument in Trump v. Hawaii.
By Evan Tager
Only three months after AbbVie obtained a retrial of a case in which a jury had imposed $150 million in punitive damages without awarding any compensatory damages, a new jury awarded...
By Costas Avrakotos, Daniel Pearson, Kristie D. Kully
On March 15, 2018, the State of Washington enacted Senate Bill 6029, titled the "Washington Student Education Loan Bill of Rights," which takes effect June 7, 2018, and amends the state's Consumer Loan Act ...
By Costas Avrakotos, Daniel Pearson, Kristie D. Kully
With that legislation, Washington becomes the latest state to license student loan servicers, joining California, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, and Illinois.
By David Burton
In its Finance Quarterly, A Word About Wind has published a brief Q&A between David Burton and its editor Richard Heap.
By Grace Shie
The brief was submitted "to make clear that the "presumption of regularity" has never been an obstacle to a court's consideration of evidence showing that government officials have acted with an improper purpose."
By Evan Tager
Louisiana generally does not permit punitive damages.
By Lisa J. Pino
In light of recent news regarding data breaches affecting Facebook users, data-mining apps are not the only entities monitoring social media use these days.
By Matthew Bisanz, Anjali Garg, Kristie D. Kully
The ABA Business Law Section is holding its 2018 Spring Meeting in Orlando next week and will offer nearly 90 CLE programs and many more committee meetings and events.
By Paul W. Virtue
The demand for H-1B (specialty occupation) visas normally exceeds the annual 85,000 visa cap by two to three times, thus triggering a random lottery for the available visas.
By Joseph A. Castelluccio
The 2017 Insuretech Connect conference was a melting pot of perspectives, ideas and approaches to transforming the insurance industry.
By Archis Parasharami
This morning I attended the oral argument in China Agritech, Inc. v. Resh. The case arises against the backdrop of the long-standing rule declared in American Pipe and Construction Co. v. Utah (1974) ...
By Isaac L. Maron
In a recently released private letter ruling, the IRS confirmed that residential solar energy batteries are eligible for the tax credit under Section 25D of the Code, subject to an important and unexpected caveat.
By Andrew Pincus
From A ( to Z (Zendesk Inc.), 102 companies have joined in a friend of the court brief to argue in support of 800,000 Dreamers who came to America as children and were allowed...
By Timothy C. D'Arduini, Anthony Tran
For the second year in a row, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that it will temporarily suspend premium processing for the upcoming fiscal year's H-1B petitions...
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