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By Marcia Goodman, Maureen Gorman, Nancy G. Ross, John Zaimes, Duncan Abate, Dr. Guido Zeppenfeld, LLM
Although retirement plans and schemes are generally jurisdiction-specific creatures, the governance of retirement plans and schemes maintained by multinational corporations is very much a global issue.
By Holly Spencer Bunting, Phillip Schulman
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced a final rule to clarify the TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosure requirements.
By Mayer Brown
The United States is becoming more open to international real estate investment.
By Kristie D. Kully
When, if at all, should a mortgage lender or servicer be required to conduct business in a language other than English when the consumer has expressed a preference that language?
By Kristie D. Kully
The agency will use that time to reassess whether it should adjust the threshold permanently.
By Evan Tager
Surprisingly, in the nearly two decades since the statute was enacted, there have been almost no appellate decisions interpreting the statute.
By Steven Kaplan, Ori Lev, Tori K. Shinohara, James Williams
On June 22, 2017, the CFPB's Student Loan Ombudsman put out its annual report on student loans, as required by the Dodd-Frank Act.
By Mayer Brown
When a small business is teetering on the brink of insolvency, the owner of the business will sometimes infuse the business with cash, characterizing the transaction as a loan...
By Joshua Yount
Today, in CalPERS v. ANZ Securities, Inc., the Supreme Court recognized a crucial limitation on the doctrine that allows a class action to toll the deadline for absent class members to bring their own...
By Miriam Nemetz
In 2015, West Virginia enacted a statute that caps punitive damages at the greater of $500,000 or four times the compensatory damages.
By Debra Bogo-Ernst, Lucia Nale, Christopher Ferro
On June 22, 2017, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit—addressing what the court characterized as an issue of first impression for the federal circuit courts—held that the Telephone Consumer...
By David Wang
In today's day and age, intellectual property (IP) is a key element for every organisation and should be taken into thorough consideration by foreign companies looking to invest in the United States.
By Mayer Brown
Civil actions alleging violations of the Securities Exchange Act must be filed within "three years after the security was bona fide offered to the public."
By Mayer Brown
Today, the Supreme Court granted certiorari in the following cases of interest to the business community:
By Andrew Pincus, Archis Parasharami
As many of our readers know, the Supreme Court will hear arguments next term in a trio of cases examining whether class waivers in employment arbitration agreements are enforceable under...
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