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By Shakhrukh Usmanov
Продолжающееся развитие
By Dovzhenko Igor Konstantinovich, Smykova Ekaterina Romanovna
Joint venture companies, being one of the forms of doing business, despite the sanctions and the tense political situation on the world stage
By GRATA International
Совместные предприятия,
By Nodir Yuldashev
With Uzbekistan announcing that it is establishing a coordinating agency to facilitate planning and implementation of PPPs, the new agency's focus in its first year will likely be on helping to draft
By Shakhrukh Usmanov
В рамках расширения
By GRATA International
The materials on the booklet have been prepared by Popa & Associates law firm, associate office of GRATA International in Moldova
By Shaimerden Chikanayev
Since 1991, Kazakhstan has had to rely on the deteriorating infrastructure it inherited from the Soviet Union.
By GRATA International
The right of easement is a right in rem which provides the right of utilization from a good to the rightholder on that good. This right may be asserted to anyone because of being a right in rem.
By Dmitry Viltovsky
IT Беларуси – это: приложения Viber, Juno, MSQRD, оффлайн карты, онлайн-игра «World of Tanks» и многое другое.
By GRATA International
Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) are the rules that determine the distribution of responsibilities and costs between the parties during the transportation and delivery of goods
By Dmitry Viltovsky
«Желаем превосходства, стремимся к совершенству!» - под этим девизом в 2010 г. было подписа&
By Dmitry Viltovsky
In 2010 the cooperation agreement on the establishment of the China-Belarus Industrial Park in the territory of the Republic of Belarus was signed between the Ministry of Economy of Belarus
By Dmitry Viltovsky
IT in Belarus it is a great number of such worldwide projects as: Viber, which is one of the top five most downloaded messaging apps, Juno, MSQRD applications, Maps.
By GRATA International
С целью дальнейшего улучшения в Узбекистане инвестиционного климата, обеспечени&
By GRATA International
In order to further improve the investment climate in Uzbekistan, ensure the implementation of fair competition principles, as well as regulate the practice of granting tax and customs incentives.
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