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By Jeffrey Greenbaum
The Federal Trade Commission announced that it is conducting an industry-wide study of the sales, advertising, and promotional methods of e-cigarette manufacturers.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
Therefore, for the most part, the networks took their advertising.
By Terri Seligman
Stay tuned for more about this case and perhaps more enforcement actions from the FTC and the states against other business opportunity schemes.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
The is the first time that the FDA and the DEA have worked together to issue joint warning letters.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
In a recent closing letter, the Federal Trade Commission questioned whether Komar, Inc.'s marketing materials that promoted BedHead Pajamas complied with the Textile Products Information Act and its implementing rules.
By Terri Seligman
Following from the guidance to multi-level marketers issued by the FTC last year, the FTC has just announced a $150 million settlement with multi-level marketer AdvoCare International, L.P. and its former chief executive officer.
By Mma H. Afoaku
Other jurisdictions are following suit.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
The court also didn't buy SquareTrade's argument that consumers would understand that companies' products were different.
By Brian Murphy
The ANA-4A's Joint Policy Committee on Broadcast Talent Union Relations and the American Federation of Musicians have extended the AFofM Commercial Announcements Agreement - the collective bargaining agreement ...
By Edward Rosenthal
In a recent decision concerning rights in works created by Italian composer Ennio Morricone, the Second Circuit provided some guidance on one...
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
The plaintiff sued, alleging false advertising and other claims under California law, and Nestle moved to dismiss.
By Brian Murphy
Not so long ago (last May), right here in our own galaxy, SAG-AFTRA focused its laser cannons directly at a squadron of six third party signatory companies that it considered to be a threat
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
She gave them five days to comply with the order.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
The FTC did not disclose the names of the companies that it contacted.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
The Federal Trade Commission just settled with retailer Truly Organic over charges that the company falsely advertised that its bath and beauty products are "organic" and "certified organic."
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